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Your official guide to the latest Oreo flavors

Oreo doesn’t quit when coming up with new flavors and this spring there will be a TON hitting the shelves!  Consider me your official Oreo guide and I will help you find your perfect cookie match. Latte Oreo Thins: These are perfect for people who love coffee and cookies! They are expected to hit the shelves in June, but no …

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Girl Scout Remixes Cardi B to sell more Girl Scout Cookies

Gir scout holding boxes of cookies

A girl scout is trying to sell the most cookies by bringing some pop into the mix. 10-year-old Kiki decided knocking on doors just wasn’t enough and remixed Cardi B’s “Money” to help sell the delicious treats.   You have to check out her song! Some of the lyrics include, “I got girls in my troop, cookies to roof” and “Selling …

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