Chris Cruise

Throwback 2k

Sunday: 7:00pm – 12:00am

THROWBACK 2K with Chris Cruise is America’s FIRST weekly show highlighting the first hits of the new millennium, with five hours weekly of BIG 2K Throwbacks! With a music list you would have LOVED on your iPod, an energy level fueled by Red Bull, and an attitude that Elle Woods would appreciate, THROWBACK 2K with Chris Cruise is THE show to close out your weekend.

When he’s not going back in time, you can catch Chris DJing at bars, playing video games, or rearranging his furniture. He’s a Detroit native, in love with a great girl, and a proud Corgi dad to his dog Marky. Entertaining is what he was born to do, and being able to talk to Mid-Mo listeners every Sunday night is nothing short of a blessing.

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