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Take Y107 Everywhere!

Listen to Y107 everywhere you go with our mobile apps available for iPhone and Android! – Listen to the radio station, even when app is in background – Send us a recorded message with our open mic feature – Alarm Clock – Wake up to Y107 on your phone – Call or Email the station without leaving the app – Get artist & title …

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Keep in shape with these FREE At-Home Workouts

Woman working out

While we are all stuck at home, might as well get some workouts in!  Thankfully, some companies are stepping up and offering free memberships while we are all quarantined in our homes.  Here’s a list of my favorite FREE workout apps and the apps that are offering free memberships for the time being.  The Nike Training App– Personally my favorite …

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Take a deep breath, Betty White is fine!

Betty White

  If Tom Hanks can get the coronavirus, anyone can get it.  And when Betty White started trending on Twitter, everyone started freaking out.  Betty White is America’s not-so-hidden gem. She’s a Hollywood icon and let’s not forget 98-years-old! She seemingly has great health, but this coronavirus has been a little scary.  After Tom Hank announced his diagnosis, everyone started …

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A helpful guide to the Coronavirus

Winston Churchill made the phrase “Keep Calm – And Carry On” famous in 1939. While we aren’t facing World War III, it’s still a reminder today as we all move forward in a world with health concerns. Y107 encourages you to be smart, stay strong and use common sense. Keep yourself educated so you know what’s factual information, and what’s not. …

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COVID-19: A Responsible Understanding

Man freaking out about Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or COVID-19 has moved from a headline, to a reality, to hysteria, to the surreal is DAYS! Precaution is being seen as PANIC, and then there’s the oversensationalism, causing hysteria.

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Have a piece of Chick-Fil-A on Sundays

Chick-Fil-A sauces

It never fails, on Sundays I always crave Chick-Fil-A! While we won’t be able to get their delicious chicken sandwiches or waffle fries, we can have a little taste of Chick-Fil-A on Sundays!  The company just announced they will be releasing their famous sauces in bottle form.  The Chick-Fil-A sauce and their Polynesian sauce will be available to buy at …

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Miracles For Kids Radiothon: The Podcasts – Day 2

Radiothon phone bank

It’s Friday, Day 2 of Radiothon and we’re back here at MU Health Care’s Children’s Hospital for the Miracles for Kids Radiothon with Missouri Credit Union. We’ll be LIVE until 6p with more updates with some awesome Miracle Kids and their families, as well as hospital staff.

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Miracles For Kids Radiothon: The Podcasts – Day 1

Radiothon official logo header

Thursday and Friday we’re at MU Health Care’s Children’s Hospital for the Miracles for Kids Radiothon with Missouri Credit Union. We’ll be LIVE from 6a-6p both days getting updates with some awesome Miracle Kids and their families, as well as hospital staff.

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Y107 attempts a Spit Takes video

What do you get when you mix a mouth full of water and giggling girls? A FAILED attempt at a Spit Takes video!  Try watching this video with a mouth full of water and see if you can make it through without a puddle on the floor. 

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Panera is offering unlimited coffee!


If you’re a coffee fanatic, Panera is about to be your favorite restaurant!  The company just announced a monthly subscription program for unlimited coffee! Yep, you heard me right…UNLIMITED COFFEE!  For just $9, you can get hot or iced coffee all day, every day. Let’s break that down. If you were to get one coffee each day for the entire …

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Crazy McDonald’s hacks thanks to TikTok


Just like a friend, McDonald’s is reliable and dependent. You always know what you’re going to get when entering the parking lot with the Golden Arches.  But sometimes you just want to spice things up! However, it can be difficult if you don’t have the cash or time.  TikTok is solving both problems in one fell swoop.  Get ready to try …

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Mid-MO Baby Expo Rescheduled to June 27th

UPDATE: The Mid Mo Baby Expo has been postponed until June 27th.  The Mid-Mo Baby Expo has been postponed to June 27th Posted by Y107 on Thursday, March 12, 2020 That being said, SAVE THE DATE! Join Y107 for one glorious day, Saturday, June 27th from 8am to 12pm, at The Courtyard by Marriott for the Mid-Mo Baby Expo!  It’s an …

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Wine is getting cheaper!


Get ready to head to the grocery store and jump for joy because wine is getting cheaper! We’ve got millennials to thank for the price drops.  Apparently, we have been shunning wine for cheaper liquors and beer, which is causing the prices to drop.  The more “scientific” reason is there are more grapes in California this year.  Rob McMillan, founder …

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Fred and Lisa Got Married Today on Y107 [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

Lisa and Fred Brunston exchange wedding vows in the Y107 studio

Today was the day. The Y107 Valentine’s Day Wedding, as Lisa, an 8th-grade teacher, and Fred, an electrician, tied the knot to become Mr. and Mrs. Brunston.  Lauren officiated. Carson and Liz filmed it. Inside Columbia‘s LG Patterson shot the amazing photos. Salon Va’Lise did the bride’s hair, U.S. Rents It took care of the decorations, and Buchroeders Jewelers took …

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5 things to wear to the Backstreet Boys concert

Backstreet Boys DNA tour

The Backstreet Boys are coming back to St. Louis this summer and we can’t contain our excitement.  While we are a few months away, it’s never too early to start planning our perfect concert outfit.  And this is the perfect excuse to bring back some of our favorite 90’s and early 2000’s clothing trends!  Here are a few of my …

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Halsey Manic World Tour – POSTPONED to 2021

UPDATE: Sad news today as Halsey has announced her entire 2020 Manic tour will be postponed until next year. Tickets will still be valid for that date, which will be July 24, 2021. We’re not surprised, just sad.  View this post on Instagram tour announcement A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey) on May 7, 2020 at 12:56pm PDT   Get ready …

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