Campus Tracks 6/9

Campus Tracks 4-21

Happy Friday it’s been a long week and I’ve got your relief through the weekend with this week’s Campus Tracks. If you’re new here I highlight the songs that have been highest on my rotation of songs for the week. This week takes us back to a duo from the 70s and 80s as well as one of the biggest current artists.

Daryl Hall & John Oates “Kiss On My List” – I’ve always been a fan of the Hall and Oates sound with songs like “Maneater” and “Private Eyes” but I hadn’t really heard this one until it played at the Zimmer offices earlier in the week. It strongly resembles the sound of Private Eyes, and you could say that sound gets repetitive, but honestly I could listen to it for hours.

The Weeknd “Out of Time” – I’ve been on a bit of a Weeknd kick recently which has led me to listening to albums that I’ve grazed over in the past. My re-exploration brought me to this song off of Dawn FM. You hear the grooviness of this one from the start with a still peacefulness of some flutes in the back throughout. I love the harmonies that he uses on the line “out of time” during the chorus. I’m sure it wasn’t hard to reach the conclusion of what the title of the song should be post recording. I just wish it didn’t have the ending with the creepy DJ coming in and telling me that I’m out of time because I just want the song to keep going.