Campus Tracks 5/14

Campus Tracks 4-21

Finals week edition of Campus Tracks let’s gooooooo! School is now out and these were the songs that got me here this past week.

Heavy Stunts” Yeat ft. Don Toliver- This song was new as of a couple weeks ago and it features a duo I wasn’t really expecting. I am happy to see Don Toliver move away from the super slow R&B kind of style he used for his last album. This song isn’t one that I’m going to be coming back to a lot but I do really enjoy Don Toliver’s verse. I wasn’t a huge fan at first but it grew on me and I had to give it a ton of listens following its growth.

Out of My Hands” Future and Metro Boomin- This song probably could’ve made campus tracks a couple of weeks sooner I just kept forgetting to add it on here. It’s a slower song from the duo which isn’t the style I normally gravitate towards, but the chorus really stands out to me and I love the flow Future uses on the first verse of the song saying, “I’m already cocky I’m already poppin you ain’t got to gas me up” which is definitely my favorite part of the song. That type of flow will always be my kryptonite in a song.

BBL Drizzy” Metro Boomin- I originally just highlighted this song for one of my other segments because I think the whole concept of this song is really funny. Then I realized I’ve listened to this song so much recently it would be wrong to leave it out of Campus Tracks. This song was posted to Soundcloud by Metro Boomin as a free beat that anyone can use for their own songs. This opened up the “Drake beef” to anyone and everyone which is such a funny move by Metro. Now Nick from Mid Missouri can have a high quality beat to diss Drake on. Super smart move on Metro’s part. Not only that it is just a great beat and it’s super catchy. I’ve been walking around singing this song with my roommates and friends since the release.