An Introduction to LL Cool J Through Saturday Night Special


Growing up I always saw LL Cool J on tv acting his role on NCIS never realizing he was a rapper. After keeping up with music over time I realized he also had a music career, but I never really took the chance to listen to any of his work. That was until this past week though I saw that LL Cool J had a new song titled Saturday Night Special, which featured a couple other big names, Rick Ross and Fat Joe.

I love to explore through new music so I set some time aside and listened to LL Cool J for the first time with no prior knowledge on his music career other than the fact that it existed. Due to this I didn’t really have any expectations that could be let down I just went into it with an open mind ready to learn. This is one of my favorite things to do with music.

I wasn’t super surprised to hear the classic 90s, early 2000s sound with a heavier emphasis on the lyricism. The song has a good message about being an upstanding person that keeps their word and pays their debts. Another common theme throughout the song is how violent the world can be and how important it is to not get caught up in the wrong business.

I thought Saturday Night Special was a solid song preaching a message everyone can relate to and it was a satisfying introduction to the music of an artist I really only knew for his tv roles. I may just find myself listening to more of his music in the future and I’m more than open to LL Cool J song recommendations.