A ‘Devil Wears Prada’ Sequel is Happening

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A sequel to the 2006 hit film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ is officially in the works at Disney. According to reports, Meryl Streep will reportedly return as Runway editor Miranda Priestly, alongside Emily Blunt, who played her assistant in the original film. Anne Hathaway, however, has not confirmed that she will reprise her role as Andy Sachs. Plot details have already been released and read, “The groundbreaking sequel is set to focus on Miranda, as she faces the decline of the once prosperous magazine publishing business. In fact, the only person who can bail her out is her former assistant, Blunt’s Emily Charlton, who is now a high-powered executive at a luxury fashion group, according to Puck. And apparently, Miranda needs the brand’s big advertising dollars in order to prove that everyone still wants to be her.”

Honestly, the film could have been Meryl Streep just bowing at the camera for an hour and a half and I would have still said “shut up and take my money.” You had me at “sequel.”

What other movies do you think should get sequels?