Pharrell Lego Biopic Trailer Released

Pharrell Williams performing

Biopics have become increasingly popular and may have recently reached their peak with the overwhelming success of last summer’s Oppenheimer. A new contender has thrown their hat into the ring with an interesting spin on the style. Pharrell has become a legend known for his innovation in music and is now continuing that reputation into his own biopic which he has done in Lego animation.

Pharrell states in the trailer that he was often told “no” when he was first coming up and I’m so glad that wasn’t the response he got when proposing this movie because who can hate Legos? The Lego movies of recent have also proven to be very successful and entertaining and there’s no reason to believe this one will be any different.

The movie also features a star studded cast of music legends Jay-Z, Timbaland, Kendrick Lamar, and Snoop Dogg and I’m very interested to see them portrayed in Lego form (a crazy sentence I never thought I would write).

Here’s the trailer for the biopic creatively titled “Piece by Piece” which is set to release October 11.