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Mahomes needs a home!

Mahomes needs a home…well not the actual Patrick Mahomes, but the four-legged puppy. Mahomes was found abandoned in a pen during the middle of winter. Thankfully, Unchained Melodies rescued him and now he is living comfortably in a foster home, but he wants to find his forever family.  If you are looking for the perfect little Quarterback for your family, …

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Chiefs player celebrates win by paying for shelter’s adoption fees

Kansas City Chiefs logo

We witnessed history last night as we watched the Chiefs win the Super Bowl! And now all the players are celebrating by heading to Disney World, except one.  The Chiefs’ defensive tackle, Derrick Nnadi, just offered to pay for all the adoption fees at the KC Pet Project.  The KC Pet Project said, “KC WINS! We are so excited to …

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Help Get Local KC fan Dustin To Miami

KC superfan Dustin cheering on his team

So about the small football game in Miami a week from Sunday. You know the one, where the Kansas City team is taking on the San Francisco team. Well, there’s a man named Dustin in Versailles who is everything but a “little” fan of our KC team. In fact to say he’s a big fan is also an understatement. His …

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Lizzo helps sell Girl Scout Cookies

Gone are the days where girl scouts ring doorbells to try and sell cookies.  Now, girls have to think of clever ways to sell the most. One girl blew her competition out of the water and Lizzo helped!!  To the beat of ‘Truth Hurts,’ 9-year-old Amory Vargo made a very convincing argument as to why you should buy cookies from …

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Y107’s Canine Connections – Luke

Meet Luke! He is an adorable Shar-Pei mix  that has the biggest heart! He is looking for a home to call his own! Luke is a little shy, so he will need a patient owner. If you’re interested in Luke contact Unchained Melodies at (573) 814-8073 or click here.  

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Y107’s Canine Connections – Sugar

Meet Sugar! She is an adorable 7-year-old Pomeranian mix with the cutest under bite who is looking for a home to call her own! She is looking for a quite home where she can be the only pet. If you’re interested in Sugar contact Unchained Melodies at (573) 814-8073 or click here.

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Best day ever! Taco Bell Nacho Fries are coming back!

Taco Bell

It’s the day we have all been waiting for!  Taco Bell Nacho Fries are coming back on January 30th! And if the news couldn’t get any better, it looks like this time around there will be a twist.  Taco Bell said the fries will have an “all new flavor innovation that’s sure to receive critical and fan acclaim.” Hopefully they …

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Season 3 release date of OZARK announced!

Who else has been anxiously waiting for season 3 of OZARK on Netflix?  Thankfully, the wait is almost over!  Were you able to see the clever way they revealed the date?!? Set your alarms for 3/27/2020 because it looks like the show is about to get even crazier!  

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Become a Weinermobile driver!

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

Get ready to make your dreams come true! Oscar Mayer is hiring drivers for their infamous Wienermobile! The drivers are called hotdoggers and they will travel all over the country as brand ambassadors.  But before you can become a driver you must attend Hot Dog High, a two-week training session to get you prepared for your amazing adventure.  The job …

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Are you ready for a Justin Bieber documentary?

It’s the documentary we never knew we needed.  Justin Bieber announced a 10-part docu-series on his comeback will air on YouTube starting January 27th.  Justin described the series as full circle, from his days as a young YouTube star to one of the biggest pop artists to date. I have a feeling 2020 is going to be Justin’s year.  Not …

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Y107’s Top 40 Songs of 2019

How is it 2020 already?!?  Before we completely say goodbye to 2019, lets take a look back at the top 40 songs of the year.  40.  Happier – Marshmello; Bastille 39. Who Do You Love – Chainsmokers; 5 Seconds of Summer 38. Easier – 5 Seconds of Summer 37. Me! – Taylor Swift; Panic At The Disco 36. Panini – …

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Coke just created the BEST subscription box!

If you have a soda fan in your life, this subscription box is the BEST gift idea EVER! Coca-Cola just created an Insiders Club box where you can try new products before they hit the shelves. Think of a wine club….BUT BETTER!  The box only costs $10 a month and already has thousands of subscribers.  Coke shared that it will …

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MidiCi closes suddenly

What happened to MidiCi? That is the question everyone is asking after their abrupt closure.  The restaurant, known for their delicious pizzas, posted a goodbye on their Facebook and Instagram just hours before they shut their doors permanently.  If you are already missing MidiCi’s food, you’ll have to drive a while to find another one of their restaurants. The closest …

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Y107’s Canine Connections – Harper

Meet Harper! She is an adorable 3-year-old Lab mix that is looking for a home to call her own.  She loves everyone and gets along great with other dogs.  If you’re interested in Harper contact Unchained Melodies at (573) 814-8073 or click here.

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Papa John’s is doing what to their pizza?!?

Do you like crazy, extravagant pizzas or are you more a one topping kind of human?  Have you ever thought to put hot dogs on your pizza? Me either! But Papa John’s is going for it!  The pizza company just announced their new Hot Dog Pizza! Not only will each slice have a full wiener, the pie will also …

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The THREE BEST stocking stuffer ideas for 2019


Who has done their Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t even started mine and I am officially beginning to freak out.  So lets start small….what are we going to fill stockings with? Here are the best ideas to make this Christmas epic!  Hidden Valley Ranch-Filled Stocking: Forget little trinkets in stockings this year! Just cover all the bases with the ranch …

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What’s the most annoying Christmas song?

Christmas is almost here, which means holiday music is about to take over the world!  Do you have a favorite Christmas song?  Someone created a survey about the world’s most annoying Christmas songs and I am not happy with the results.  10. Jingle Bells 9. Santa Baby 8. Santa Claus is Coming to Town 7. Baby Its Cold Outside 6. …

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