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Divergent Finale Might Be For TV Not Theaters


It’s not unusual for a TV show to release a movie to conclude it’s story; it’s happened with Entourage, Wayne’s World, Sex and the City to name a few. But for a movie series to end by turning into a television show is unheard of.

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Hy-Vee Recalls Black Beans


Hy-Vee is issuing a voluntary recall on a limited quantity of No-Salt-Added black beans due to the potential presence of plastic and/or metal pieces withing the product.

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15 Thoughts While Watching The RNC Monday


Watching the conventions always makes for interesting entertainment, regardless of what side of the political spectrum you’re on. Here’s just a few of the thoughts going through our heads as Monday played out.

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Phone Use In Dark Can Cause Temporary Blindness!


We all use are phones everyday right up until the time we go to bed. Some of us even use are phone in bed. Whether you are using it to surf the web, getting on your favorite social media or watching movies we spend the majority of our day looking at Smartphones. What if I told you that using your …

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Pokémon Go Improves Mental Health!


Okay so by now if you haven’t heard of a little game by the name of Pokémon Go, you must have been living under a rock! well that or hiding from everyone and everything. It is a Free app for your phone that just came out last Wednesday and since then has had millions of downloads and players. This Pokémon …

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Snapchat Lets People Save Pictures to View Later


Snapchat has come along way from when it was first released, I mean what got everyone into it at first was how the messages and pictures disappeared after viewing them. But then they introduced stories and the best filters anyone has ever seen! Seriously find one person that doesn’t know the dog filter on Snapchat that’s my challenge for you. …

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Cat Floods Animal Shelter

Cute Cat

Remember a few years ago where it was just cute cat videos on the internet? Well now it is getting crazy! Seriously just last week there was a house cat that held a couple hostage in their own home. How can a cat do this you ask? Well I was wondering the same thing but one thing is for sure, …

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Call Him Unimpressed


Hiddleswift is all the talk, especially after Taylor threw a huge bash over the holiday weekend with all her friends. The guest list included one very unimpressed Ryan Reynolds.

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Y107’s Co-Host For Cosmo


Ever thought about a career in radio? Seems like it’d be fun right? We can tell you it certainly is. But, would you be willing to wake up early to work with Cosmo?

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Held Hostage by Cat?!


Yeah you read the title right! Now being held hostage is no joke, but you have to admit its a pretty bizarre thing that a house cat has the power to hold a couple in Greenfield, Wisconsin hostage. Dogs have been known to do this heck even cases of monkeys trapping people in their cars makes since. I just don’t understand …

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