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Paper Cuts Through Wood?

Paper vs wood

Would you believe it if i were to say that your average everyday printing paper could cut through wood? No? I didn’t think so I mean it does sound bizarre, but one man who was either extremely board or had way to much time on his hands decided to give it a try! He cuts the printer paper in a circle …

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The VMA’s

Nick Jonas

This years Video Music Awards is shaping up to be one of the best ones to date! There are a lot of performances and memories that are shared for days even years after… remember Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke? No well maybe the Beetle juice outfit will spark your memory! This year for the VMA’s It looks like we will be …

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Fried Chicken Sunscreen

KFC Sunscreen

KFC has created an exclusive item that is extremely limited but free. With all of these other fast food restaurants coming out with so many unique food items its about time that KFC joined in the fun…

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Snorlax Causes Pokemon Go Pandemonium


Imagine being stuck in traffic downtown Columbia, when thousands of people come out of nowhere, all rushing in one direction. That was the scene in Taipei, all thanks to a certain Pokemon.

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Roommate Goals


It’s that time of year again, that’s right college! So that means a couple of things like sports, exams, rushes, parties, oh and if you’re a freshman that means dorm life! While sharing a bathroom and shower with many other people is not always the best thing in the world, your roommate can end up being one of your best …

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Breaking Up With Social Media

quit social media

Justin Bieber has decided that it would be best to deactivate his Instagram account. He is leaving behind 77.8 million fans after receiving many hateful comments about him and his rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie. A few days ago he posted: “I’m gonna make my Instagram private if you guys don’t stop the hate this is getting out of hand… If …

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The “Chork”


Panda Express is introducing a fork/chopstick called a “Chork”. If you just so happened to not be skilled in the art of chopsticks this new invention from panda Express is going make you a master. The Chork consists of two plastic prongs at one end that taper into a fork at the other end.  The food chain has not announced …

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Chipotle Offering Free Alcohol


Chipotle is trying to win their customers back from the e coli outbreak that they had back in February and since then they have been trying things to apologize and keep themselves up on top.

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Why The Joker Scenes Were Cut


While reviews have been mixed, there’s been quite a bit of frustration over “Suicide Squad.”  Most of it concerns the lack of Joker scenes in the movie, many of which were prominently featured in the trailers. Jared Leto has voiced his frustration. There’s even a guy in London who is suing over it.

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“Olympic” Dog Diving Competition

dog diving

With the Olympics taking over our lives we tend to push other things to the back of our heads, like maybe mans best friend… Well Dogs want to get in on the action of the Olympics as well.

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Disney World Main Street Parade Is Coming to an End


Childhood memories are made at Disney World and no matter what age you are, you can still feel the magic. A place where happiness takes priority and being nice to one another is a law. I am sure those of you who have been lucky enough to go to Disney World remember the beauty of the Main Street Electrical Parade. …

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Rio’s Green Water Mystery Is Solved

Mitch Gunn -Shutterstock.com

You may have seen the picture of the diving pool in Rio that’s been going around lately. If you haven’t, you need to follow us on Instagram. Ummmm why was #Olympic diving well water green? #StPatricksDay in August? A photo posted by Y107 (@y107) on Aug 10, 2016 at 5:03am PDT It’s especially strange when you compare it to the …

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Best Olympic Parodies/Fans/Behind-the-Scenes Thus Far


SWIMMING If you think you’re motivated to get in the pool after watching Phelps win gold after gold, you are not alone. TRACK British track team member Harry Aikines-Aryeetey moves his pecs to a Rihanna song. BASKETBALL Olympic metal for the U.S. Men’s Basketball team? Possibly. A Grammy? Definitely not. Gymnastics/Swimming Aly Raisman’s parents are doing the rollercoaster in the …

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#PhelpsFace Has Hysterically Taken Over


You’re getting ready to compete in your Olympic event, getting in your zone. Then, some arrogant jerk step right in front of you and starts shadow boxing and parading around. What’s your response? #PhelpsFace

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Taco Bell Fried Chicken Taco

Chicken Taco

There have been a ton of Taco bell stories recently. It seems that they are completely overhauling their menu by adding new creative things every month. I mean they introduced the Triple double crunch warp, Cheeto Burrito, and The Walking Nachos all within the past 2 or three months.

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