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Snapchat has unveiled something rather interesting, video-recording Glasses. Snapchat calls them “Spectacles”, which can record 10 seconds of video at a time by tapping a button on them. The video then gets uploaded to the Snapchat app via bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The “Spectacles” will be available for sale later in the fall on a limited basis for $130. The Video-recording glasses …

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Emoji Craze


Emoji’s everyone uses them however, you might not know that you’ve been using them wrong this whole time! Check it out for yourself here is a video of the top 5 most misused emoji’s out there.   That’s not where it ends however here is a list of 28 emojis that you have most likely gotten the meaning wrong!

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XO and Republic Records

The Weeknd has done something unthinkable… he has chopped off his signature hair! It has definitely changed his look. However, that is what he was going for as he reviled his new cut he also announced his new album. The Project is called Starboy. The singer and songwriter recently said in an interview about the upcoming album, “I think it’ll …

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That’s My Girl(s)


Fifth Harmony has received three RIAA certifications! “Work From Home” was certified 3x platinum in the U.S. Not only did it become song of the summer, but it also is one of five records to go triple-platinum this year. Fifth Harmony’s album, 7/27 and their record “All In My Head” have both been certified Gold in the U.S. They have also …

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Perfect Illusion


Everyone has been waiting for it and it’s finally here! Lady Gaga’s Music Video for her latest single, “Perfect Illusion” has dropped check it out for yourself!

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Leggo My Eggo… No Seriously!


Eggo Waffles have been recalled over listeria concerns. There have been reports of 10,000 plus cases of Eggo Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat Waffles are being recalled in 25 states because there could be a chance that they’re contaminated with listeria.

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Jim Carrey Acused Of Murder?!?


Jim Carrey is being sued by his ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband. Why you ask? Well he has allegedly contributed to Cathriona White’s death by giving her several different prescription medications which she overdosed on. The Prescription bottle that was found supposedly listed the name Arthur King which just so happens to be one of the aliases that Carrey has used in the past. …

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The Emmys Got ‘Stranger’ With An Additional Swag Bag


I admit, I did not watch the Emmys. Honestly, I could care less, and well… No surprise, the shows everyone buzzes about were the big winners. I did catch the highlights/funny moments late last night and early this morning, and it seems Jimmy Kimmel did quite well. Plenty of funny moments with nothing TOO controversial AND a Matt Damon appearance. NICE! …

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Dance “Closer”


Dancing to your favorite song is always a fun past time, however some songs and dance moves go viral. Remember the “Harlem Shake”, oh and let’s not forget about “Twerking”! The latest song from The Chainsmokers “Closer” has sparked a viral dancing train and everyone is hopping aboard. The track featuring Halsey has been on the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 …

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Tinder Wants You To Share!


Play Cupid on Tinder by sharing your matches around, trust me its a lot less dirty than it sounds. Tinder’s new update is trying out a new function. According to Rosette Pambakian, the company’s vice-president said that Tinder wheeled in the “Share” function. So, what’s the big deal about this “Share” button? Well, now you can be the best wing-man for your …

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There’s Bad Roomates. Then There’s This.

Syda Productions

At some point or another, many of else have dealt with a bad roomate. It usually has something to do with their strange habits, the nasty food they eat, or the company they keep. In this situation, it’s a little bit different. You’ve heard of Bridezillas. Well, meet Roomate-zilla.

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Chick-fil-A Found Their Cow!


Someone will be receiving a year’s supply Chick-fil-A after spotting a giant inflatable cow that was stolen from a restaurant in Ariz. The 24-feet-tall cow was stolen on Saturday after being set up at an Arizona State University football game. To help get the cow back quickly, Phil Thomas, who owns this specific Chick-fil-A in Ariz., offered one year of free chicken sandwiches to anyone …

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Hot in Herre


Nelly has some of the best fans in the world! No seriously, he has gone through a little bit of trouble times and owes the IRS some serious dough! Nelly’s fans are there to help him out though, they are streaming the 2002 hit “Hot In Herre” as a way to help the rapper make some extra money, and are encouraging others to do …

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Know Your ABC’s to Win Big On Y107


Winning at Y107 is now as easy as knowing your ABC’s.  And were not just talking small prizes.  We’re talking about things you really want, like Tory Lanez tickets, Amazon Fire HD8, Ipod Touch, Polaroid Instant mobile printer, free car washes at Tiger Express Wash, certificates to Living Canvas Tattoo and CC’s City Broiler, CASH, and much more!     …

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Work Cake!


Co-Workers can be some of your best friends in life. You are around them all the time and know everything about there personal life,. you also make many memories at office parties, and they are always willing to give you advice! One woman was laid off work and given the best send off when her colleagues made her the cake below. While …

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American Idol to Relaunch in 2018?


You read that right. The rumor flying around today is that the show that you thought FINALLY ended earlier this year after 15 seasons might return.  If you find yourself asking why, there’s actually a decent reason, agree or not.

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The Iphone 7


It’s September, which means the start of the football season, and of course the arrival of fall and the unveiling of Apple’s latest iPhone. Today Wednesday the 7th, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus during an event in San Francisco.

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Sia – “The Greatest”


Sia recently released a music video for her single “The Greatest“, from her upcoming album set to be called We Are Your Children. The song also features Kendrick Lamar however, his verse is not in the music video for dramatic purposes.

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Is Granola Bad For You?


You might want to think twice before chowing down on that granola. A lot of people think granola is a healthy food choice however it is actually more comparable to dessert than health food.

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A Cake of What? (NSFW)

Cow cake tease

Birthday’s are always a fun time, I mean you get gifts, good food, and get to hang out with your family and friends. Oh and lets not forget about the cake! When I was a kid the thing loved most was choosing the theme of my birthday. Parents go above and beyond to make sure they get the theme and cake …

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Bieber Breaking Records

Bieber World record

The 22-year-old racked up an impressive about of achievements this year. The Biebz will be featured in 2017 edition Book of World Records for “what Do You Mean?” being the most streamed song on Spotify in just one week. As a matter of fact the Purpose album was also the most streamed album on Spotify for a week. To break it down …

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There’s Something Weird About These New Shoes

$600 Sneakers

There are a lot of sneaker heads in this world. Some shoes go for hundreds of dollars and that still doesn’t stop people from buying them. Lately what has been popular fashion wise are pre-ripped jeans also known as “distressed” jeans. They sell for big money as well, and now a company by the name of golden goose has released …

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