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Show-Me State Games Canceled This Summer

We received word today that the Show-Me State Games, previously announced to continue as scheduled, have now been cancelled. “While we are disappointed that we won’t be able to host our sporting events, we believe we are upholding our mission by putting our participants and the community’s health first.” ~Press Release from Dave Fox, Show-Me State Games Executive Director According …

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The Virtual Mid-Mo Baby Expo Has Begun

Moms, Mom-To-Be, Aunts, Grandmas… This is the event you’ve been waiting for.  All things babies, kids, and moms and this year, it’s all online. Better yet, it’ll stay that way until the end of the year. However, the swag bags and prizes won’t. So check it out now!

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Missouri To Be Spared the Heatwave of 2020?

Woman suffering from a summer heatwave

May was HOT! But according to scientists, that’s only the beginning for what is going to be a hotter than average summer for MOST of the US. We say MOST, because it’s for everyone that does not live in…  Missouri.

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Missouri Employers Now Hiring

Now Hiring Jobs Sign

As COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the country and Mid-Missouri, many businesses have had to make tough decisions. For some, that has meant lay-offs.  But not all are reducing the workforce.

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Show-Me State Games to Hold Most Events as Scheduled

As we start to see a return to the familiar, “the light at the end of the tunnel” gets brighter with news from the Show-Me State Games.  They’ve announced that MOST of this year’s events will be held as originally scheduled. However, not ALL events, as some will be rescheduled, modified, or cancelled for 2020. All decisions are based on …

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Class of 2020 Celebration Prize Winner List

We had an awesome time celebrating the Senior Class of 2020 with the Columbia High Schools Senior All-Night Party!  We are all so proud of you! As we look forward to your bright future, we had fun looking back on some of the big songs from your milestone years. We loved hearing the shout outs and well wishes from your …

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Chiefs Get A New Radio Home in Mid-Missouri

Zimmer Communications and the Kansas City Chiefs have announced a multiyear agreement in mid-Missouri. 96.7 KCMQ and 104.5 FM/950 AM KWOS will begin airing the Chiefs starting this August. As part of the agreement, KCMQ and KWOS will broadcast all preseason, regular season, and postseason games, along with pre-game and post-game coverage. “It’s an exciting day for our listeners in …

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Ever Thought About Being On Y107?

At Y107, there’s a ton of things we LOVE! We love our community. We love you, our listeners. We love the music! We love social media. We love culture. And, we LOVE having fun!  But, there’s too few of us in the building, and we would LOVE to add some fresh voices to the mix. If you’ve ever thought about …

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Y107’s U-Pick Memorial Day Throwback Weekend!

Girl pointing at camera with patriotic background and throwback in text

It’s a weekend to honor, celebrate, and remember.  We’re doubling up on that, as we also remember the awesome songs that raised us, as we launch another Throwback Weekend! Starting Friday at 5p, through 11p Memorial Day, the Throwbacks will be rolling all weekend, every couple songs.  And like we did the other week, YOU will be in full control. …

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Y107 Senior Shout Outs

The Seniors of the Class of 2020 have had so much taken away: proms, sporting events, club activities and even graduations. Lift their spirits with a Y107/Hawthorn Bank Senior Shoutout!

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Y107 Is Sending Shout Outs To Your Teachers

Teacher in classroom as a girl is on a cell phone

Imagine one day you wake up, and you’re no longer able to see your kids, for you don’t know how long.  That’s how our teachers have it right now.  Thanks to COVID-19, the school year came to an abrupt pause this year. And with the Governor’s update yesterday, that’s how it’ll be the rest of the year. Our teachers love …

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Y107’s U-Pick It Throwback Weekend/Week

If there’s one thing quarantining has taught us, it’s that we love our throwback songs! How many of you were listening to quite a few of them over these last couple weeks? And, if there’s something Y107 is known for, it’s Throwbacks! This weekend, we’re doing something you’ve loved before: A Throwback Weekend. It all starts at 5p Friday, May …

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Y107’s Fill the Foodbank CONTINUES!

Thank You for your super generous donations yesterday during Fill the Foodbank! You have helped out in big ways to keep Mid-Mo fed.  What you may not have known, was MIZZOU Alum Chase Daniel had partnered with the Food Bank to match their donations up to $25k, with hopes of raising about $50k.  As we were getting underway yesterday, we learned that total …

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Little Zoey bought drinks for all the folks working the Covid-19 testing at Saline County Health Department in Marshall Mo…she had a Norwex party and the money she earned was enough to bring drinks and treats for the staff at the health department, Katy Trail Clinic and National Guard!!! Thank you Zoey! From Saline County WIC   Response from Zoey …

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Workers at Employment Security

Brunette female call center worker on phone at desk

 I wanted to give a shout out to all of those people at employment security that are assisting with the unemployment claims. Our jobs are not easy.  We are not getting recognized for the hard work and extra hours that we are putting in. So I want to send a thank you to my co-workers and those that deserve the …

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What Are The Real COVID-19 Symptoms

young woman wearing medical facemask holds head in hands

The stay at home order is lifting on Monday. However, it won’t be business as usual, as new precautions will be taken. Many are worried of a resurgence of Coronavirus cases. So what are the real COVID-19 symptoms? I have to admit, I’ve googled this many times.  Especially with allergies setting in. Is it in my head? Do I need …

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Y107’s Local Business Stimulus

We’re trying to help do our part to get our local economy going again the best way we know how, which is to give away free marketing to get people to use your product/services.  At Zimmer Communications, we’re doing our part to help kick start the mid-Missouri economy by giving away three local business marketing plans! So if you own a …

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Y107 Celebrates Mid-Mo’s Helpers

Mid-Mo Helpers sign

There’s a Mr. Rodger’s quote that has been going around lately:  When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping out.”

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M.J. at Auto Zone

Autozone sign

Shout out to M.J. at Auto Zone in CoMo who just delivered a car battery charger to me out in the country. I’m just not driving the car enough to keep the battery charged. On day 34 of well self-quarantine. The manager left it to M.J.’s discretion as to whether to deliver to me. Big thanks! I learned of really …

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