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Ariana Grande – Everyday (Lyric Video)

Ariana Grande dropped the official Lyric Video for her latest hit with future “Everyday.” Though it’s not a full music video, it’s different from other lyric videos. Check out Ariana mouth the lyrics and dance around creating a fun mini-video experience below!

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Hot in Herre

Nelly has some of the best fans in the world! No seriously, he has gone through a little bit of trouble times and owes the IRS some serious dough! Nelly’s fans are there to help him out though, they are streaming the 2002 hit “Hot In Herre” as a way to help the rapper make some extra money, and are encouraging others to do …

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Sia – “The Greatest”

Sia recently released a music video for her single “The Greatest“, from her upcoming album set to be called We Are Your Children. The song also features Kendrick Lamar however, his verse is not in the music video for dramatic purposes.

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Official Music Video For “We Don’t Talk Anymore”.

Charlie Puth Finally drop his music video for “We don’t Talk Anymore”. It features Selena Gomez but she is not featured in the music video at all. She is on tour after all but still, would have liked to see her make an appearance in the video at least. Check it out for yourself!

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Selena Gomez Teases New song!

At the moment Selena is traveling all over different countries for her Revival tour, but that doesn’t mean she has no time to work on other things. Selena is a very talented hard worker after all. Even though she may have concerts all the way until December, Selena has already been teasing her new album since June! If you just so happen to follow …

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Get stoked with Justin Bieber’s hit from the 80’s!

Justin Bieber, he is widely known for his Pop music and wild attitude. Love him or hate him he is a very talented artist and continues to release hit after hit, braking records along the way. Could you imagine what Bieber would have been like in the 80’s? 

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