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Well, not quite the answers, but definitely some help!

Y107’s TicketHunter is on!  10 pairs of concert tickets are hidden on the game board.  Be caller 7 weekdays around 8:45a, 10:45a, 2:45p, and 4:45p, then guess a square on the grid.  If it’s a miss, your turn is over.  But if it’s a HIT, guess again until you miss or uncover the tickets!

Here’s where the answers come in! 

Sign-up to become a YVIP below. Every Friday, we’ll send out an email with the updated grid only to our YVIPs. That way, in case you miss any one of the guesses during the week, you’ll get instantly caught up in one email. And it’s FREE to sign-up.  And don’t worry, we won’t SPAM you!

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Good luck and thanks for listening to Y107!