Welcome to Tay-Tober, Y107’s Version!

As Swifties ourselves, we’re feeling like this might just be the biggest month EVER!  Not only does the Era’s Tour movie drop on the 13th, but 1989 Taylor’s Version drops on the 27th.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Did you hear Marching Mizzou is also featuring Taylor’s hits for the Homecoming Halftime show on the 21st?  THREE BIG EVENTS!

But why stop there?

We’ll be celebrating all month in a couple of ways. 

  • Listen for more Taylor on the playlist all month, including a Taylor track to kick-off EVERY hour, all month.
  • On the 13th, you might just see us at the theater with you waiting for the movie.
  • From 7p-Midnight on the 13th, listen to Y107 for a Totally Taylor playlist during XYZ with Erik Zachary to celebrate the movie release!
  • When “1989 TV” drops at 11p on the 26th, we’ll do it again, playing the entire album on repeat until Cosmo and Kat come in at 5a!

But we’re not done yet!  Who wants Era’s Tour Part 2 tickets?

Find us in the homecoming parade for another chance to become a qualifier for the tickets to see Taylor in Indy in 2024!  We’ll also have chances to register on-air and in person all month.  You just need to keep listening and watching for more information all throughout this Tay-Tober month!

Download the FREE Y107 app to make sure you have us in your earbuds all month!  It’s available for iPhone and Android!

WHEN will the tickets be given away?  Click here!