The Tay-Tober Finale Party is Nov. 2nd at Silverball

SAVE THE DATE – Thursday, November 2nd will be an EPIC night!  That’s the night of our Tay-Tober Finale party!  So here’s everything you need to know!

Pick out your perfect Taylor Party outfit, grab your Swifty friends, and join Y107 from 6p-8p at Silverball Arcade Bar in Columbia. Over the past few months, they have been closed for renovations.  But they are back, and better than ever, and we can’t wait to celebrate with them as part of their Grand Re-Opening celebration!

When doors open at 6p, we’ll begin checking in all our finalists.  Once in, make some friendship bracelets, play the arcade games, stop by the photo spot to take photos with some special guests, enjoy Taylor-themed drinks, and of course, dance to Taylor all night!

Just make sure you arrive by 6:30p, as we start randomly drawing from all qualifiers to get down to the top 13 finalists!*  

But what happens if you are NOT a qualifier? 

Great news!!!  EVERYONE is invited to the party**.  When you check-in, if you’re NOT a qualifier, and you are over 18, you can enter your name for a last-chance drawing.  While 7 finalists will be randomly drawn from all qualifiers in attendance, the final 2 will be drawn from ALL GUESTS!*  This means that even if you were unable to be selected as a qualifier, you get ONE LAST CHANCE!

13 Finalists! Then what?

 Shortly after 7p, once we get down to our top 13, as she says, “Let The Game Begin”.  We’ll do multiple Taylor related games of chance and trivia to get the final 13 down to the Grand Prize winner, receiving 2 tickets to see the Era’s Tour as it returns to the US for the second leg, playing in Indianapolis in November of 2024.

No denying, this will be one exciting night, with other surprises still to come!

BTW, yes, Silverball IS a bar. However, it’s also all ages until 8p, especially for a private party.  While there will be alcohol available for those of legal age, there are also non-alcoholic drinks. And games for all ages. Lots of games.  And dancing of course.

* 9 finalists will be drawn at the event, as 4 will have been pre-selected.  3 will be the top vote receivers from the “Swift Style” photo contest, and another from the live event October 20th at Good Day Farm in Boonville.

** Doors will be closed if capacity is reached

Per contest rules, winner must be 18 or over.

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