Girl Scout Troop of the Week: 2/27-3/5


They’re from Hallsville, and have a pretty lofty goal of making sure all 33 girls can renew registration next year with minimum payment! They also plan to have a big celebration to celebrate their hard work during cookie season!

Can you help them out?

Buy Cookies from Troop 30087

If you need help on what to order, the troop’s got you! Here are all the girls’ favorite cookies:

From the troop leader:

We have 33 girls in our troop, with girls anywhere from kindergarten to 10th grade! We are the only troop in Hallsville and are growing our numbers every year. Our girls have never seen a cookie they didn’t like, but if you asked them, their top contenders would be thin mints, adventurefuls, and peanut butter patties!

Our scouts are Elizabeth, Ryleigh, Dani, Dee, Lily, Sierra, Addison, Brooklyn, Gia, June, Avery, Kampbell, Mika, Ava, Nora, Callie, Finley, Lorelei, Aubrey, Avery, Bailey, Ella, Logan, Paxtyn, Scarlett, Adelaide, Brileigh, Gena (pronounced like Jenna), Jenna, Maggie, Maddie, Maggie, and Sage!

What is YOUR favorite Girl Scout Cookie. Honestly, there are no wrong answers, we’re talking COOKIES!

If YOU are wondering how your Girl Scout troop can be the Troop of the Week, submit them HERE!

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