Girl Scout Troop of the Week Returns


It’s Cookie season again, and Y107 wants to highlight the AWESOME Girl Scouts putting in the hard work during Girl Scout cookie season! Girls learn valuable skills that they can carry with them throughout their life, and the funds raised help the Girl Scouts continue! Find more information about that here!

If you’re the parent of a Girl Scout, forward this link to your troop leader so we can feature their whole troop to our listeners, and hopefully help cookie sales grow! If you’re a cookie fiend but don’t have a direct link to a girl scout to get your fix, watch and we’ll gladly share how you can get yours!

Each week, we’ll post a new blog on talking all about the troop, their goals, and their favorite cookies!

If you’re a troop leader, fill out the form below to submit your troop to be featured as the Girl Scout Troop of the Week on Y107!

Girl Scout Troop of the Week

During Cookie Season we're highlighting a GS Troop of the Week to help cookie sales!

  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 512 MB.
    Preferably in Uniform
    By check marking this box, you are stating that you have gotten permission from every girl's parent that they may be featured on our properties.
  • ie: Sarah- Thin Mints, Allison- Peanut Butter Patties
  • i.e. We need to sell 150 boxes per girl so we can take a trip to Branson!
  • What is the best contact email so we can let you know if your troop will get their week?
  • If you have a second troop leader that would like an email, put their info here!


  1. HEY! The form is now active for you to be able to fill it out! We’re excited to bring this back for another year!

  2. Our Troop 71765 would love any shout out and help with selling cookies!!!

  3. Auxvasse girl scout troop 71446 would like your support this year. Girls are planning a trip to Branson. Let us know if you are interested in purchasing any girl scout cookies!

  4. Go ahead and enter the alternate contact info in the text box for goal or favorite cookies.

  5. Our troop woukd be interested in this but the form only asks for one person’s contact information and there are 2 leaders in our troop. How can we submit the form including both?

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