Cosmo+Kat Show’s ‘Nearly Impossible Trivia’

Get your brain warmed up every morning at 6:25a and see if you can score some of the sweet prizes from The Cosmo + Kat Show!

Wednesday 2/28


Tuesday 2/27
Q: 73% of men say they’ve done this when talking to a woman?
A: Cross their fingers


Monday 2/26
Q: 56% of people say they plan to do this in the next month?
A: Watch the Oscar nominated movies


No Trivia on 2/22 or 2/23 for CMN Radiothon!
Thank You Mid-Mo you helped us raise $225,100.30!!!!


Wednesday 2/21
Q: 80% of people under the age of 30 say they’ve tried this but it is impossible?
A: Drive with out music on the radio (We agree! you should ALWAYS listen to Y107)


Tuesday 2/20
Q: About 30% of Americans say this is their favorite thing about winter?
A: Wearing warm fuzzy socks


Monday 2/19
Q: This has happened to 48% of us during a winter time?
A: Got a car stuck in the snow


Wednesday 2/14
Q: 40% of us would like to change this about ourselves?
A: Our voice


Tuesday 2/13
Q: The first one of these was created in Mexico (the country not the mid-Mo city)
A: A caesar salad


Monday 2/12
Q: The first time this happened was in 2010?
A: First pic uploaded to Instagram


Friday 2/9
Q: 34% of people admit that this has happened to them at a Super Bowl party?
A: The fell asleep


Thursday 2/8
Q: 50% of dog owners claim their dog loves to _____?
A: Watch TV


Wednesday 2/7
Q: 25% of us absolutely DO NOT want this for Valentine’s Day?
A: Balloons


Tuesday 2/6
Q: On avg. just over 300 of these were left in a hotel in the last year?
A: Prosthetic limb


Monday 2/5
Q: 29% of men admit they’ve never done this at home?
A: Clean the toilet


Friday 2/2 Happy Groundhog’s Day
Q: 55% of employees say it is NOT appropriate to do this at work?
A:  Take off your shoes


Thursday 2/1
Q: 20% of people say this is the spot where they hide cash?
A: In a pair of shoes or boots


Wednesday 1/31
Q: 68% of workers say they prefer to do this at lunch time?
A: Eat at their desk


Tuesday 1/30
Q: 85% of these are purchased by women?
A: Valentine’s Day cards


Monday 1/29
Q: On average we do this far less than we did 50 years ago?
A: Take baths


Friday 1/26


Thursday 1/25
Q: The average parent says this lasts about 3 hours?
A: A kid’s birthday party


Wednesday 1/24
Q: 20% of people start doing this in January?
A: Christmas shopping


Tuesday 1/23
Q: More than 1/2 of workers say they wish their workplace would upgrade their___?
A: Coffee


Monday 1/22
Q: 95% of people say they get nervous when they hear the phrase_____?
A: “We Need To Talk!”


Friday 1/19
Q: On avg. people who try this give up after 3 months?
A: Becoming a vegetarian


Thursday 1/18
Q: If you’re having trouble sleeping do this?
A: Paint your bedroom purple


Wednesday 1/17
Q: This is more likely to happen to you during a full moon?
A: Get bitten by a shark)


Tuesday 1/16
Q: 1/3 of those under the age of 40 say this is the hardest part of growing up?
A: Meal prep or planning – cooking


Friday 1/12
Q: According to a survey, the avg person does this for about 3 hours over the wknd?
A: Unpaid work


Thursday 1/11
Q: If you’re average you haven’t done this in 5 months?
A: Clean out your fridge


Wednesday 1/10
Q: Nearly 15% of us say we absolutely refuse to do this?
A: Wait on hold on the phone


Tuesday 1/9
Q: The #1 cause of peoples aches and pains is sleeping in the wrong position. What is #2?
A: Doing laundry


Monday 1/8
Q: Millions of households updated this item for the first time in 9 years, but waited till after Christmas to do so?
A: Get a new vacuum cleaner


Friday 1/5
Q: The avg. amount of this is 292?
A: Number of licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop


Thursday 1/4
Q: Nearly half of the people surveyed say they never experienced this as a child?
A: Being grounded


Wednesday 1/3
Q: If you’re a parent you’re more likely to enjoy this?
A: Drinking chocolate milk


Tuesday 1/2
Q: This is true for 2/3 of people in the world?
A: Have never seen snow in person


Happy New Year!!!! 


Wednesday 12/27
Q: What was last year’s most commonly returned Christmas gift?
A: Pajamas


Tuesday 12/26
Q: 55% of moms say that this happened to them over the 3 day Christmas holiday weekend?
A: They forgot where they his a gift


Friday 12/22
Q: The tallest one of these EVER was over 20 stories tall?
A: A Christmas tree


Thursday 12/21
Q: Over the course of your lifetime you will own approximately 155 of these?
A: Tooth brushes


Wednesday 12/20
Q: Experts say if you want to keep your New Year’s fitness resolution, you should do this?
A: Start in December…don’t wait for Jan 1


Tuesday 12/19
Q:  68% of people polled about holiday traditions say they’ve never done this at Christmas time?
A: Gone Christmas caroling


Monday 12/18
Q: 3 out of 10 homes have one of these during the holidays?
A: An Elf on the Shelf


Friday 12/15
Q: 30% of us will def do this during the holidays?
A: Unbutton your pants)


Thursday 12/14
Q: There’s a 30% chance this will happen to you over the holidays?
A: Had a package pirated off their porch


Wednesday 12/13
Q: During the holidays 60% of people will do this at least 10x??
A: Watch a holiday movie


Tuesday 12/12
Q: 15% of people say they’ve actually done this during the holidays?
A: Intentionally given a gift for someone just to spite them


Monday 12/11
Q: Men are more likely than women to do this around the holidays?
A: Pay someone else to wrap their gifts


Friday 12/8
Q: Nearly 25% of households do this in the bathroom?
A: Decorate it for Xmas


Thursday 12/7
Q: If you’re avg. you do this 94x a year?
A: Do a good deed


Wednesday 12/6
Q: 25% of adults say they haven’t done this in 20 years?
A: Been in a snowball fight


Tuesday 12/5
Q:  45% of people think it’s rude to do this?
A: Leave a NYE party before midnight


Monday 12/4
Q: Right now this is happening about 160 times a day in the US?
A: Someone falls off a ladder putting up Christmas lights


Friday 12/1
Q: The avg person spends about 34 hours of their lifetime doing this?
A: Untangling Christmas lights


Thursday 11/30
Q: The avg. length of time for this is 36 hours?
A: How long a dirty dish sits in the sink


Wednesday 11/29
Q: only 3% of us do this on Xmas Day?
A: Put up the Christmas lights


Monday 11/27
Q: Nearly 45% of people say they’ve never done this?
A: Lied about their age


Friday 11/17
Q: There are only 2 of these in the United States?
A: Towns named Turkey. (Turkey, TX and Turkey, NC)


Thursday 11/16
Q: 7% of people plan to do this before hosting a Thanksgiving gathering?
A: Hide your valuables


Wednesday 11/15
Q: Over 1/2 of us would like to do this over Thanksgiving holiday?
A: Block or ban a specific relative from coming over


Tuesday 11/14
Q: 1 in 5 people say this is true for their family?
A: They have their own language


Monday 11/13
Q: The avg cost of this is $130.00 a month?
A: Dating


Friday 11/10
Q: The avg person does this for 30 mins a day?
A: Chews food


Thursday 11/9
Q: More than 80% of Americans do it, but women are slightly more likely to do so?
A: Snoop on someone else’s phone


Wednesday 11/8
Q: 1/3 of people under 40 say this is the hardest part of adulting?
A: Meal prep/planning


Tuesday 11/7
Q: America is now #1 in the world for this?
A: Tattoo removal and corrections


Monday 11/6
Q: This is true for abt 33% of Americans?
A: They have a criminal record


Friday 11/3
Q: 6% of women have admitted to doing this at a Halloween party?
A: Make out with a stranger because of “Costume Confusion”


Thursday 11/2
Q: 8 out of 10 women have one of these in their
A: Eyelash curler


Wednesday 11/1
Q: 10% of people are already worried about this over the holidays?
A: Meal time seating chart/Where’s everyone gonna sit


Tuesday 10/31 Happy Halloween
Q: The rule is there can only be 3 of these per year
A: Friday The 13ths


Monday 10/30
Q: The avg person says they need 3 of these
A: Pillows


Friday 10/27


Thursday 10/26
Q: On avg it takes less than :05 for a person to decide this?
A: Whether they like a song or not


Wednesday 10/25
Q: 1 in 5 people have one of these?
A: A favorite pen


Tuesday 10/24
Q: 10% of renters admit to doing this?
A: Hide pets from their landlords


Monday 10/23
Q: A majority of workers say they would stay with a company longer if they offered _____?
A: Pet benefits


Friday 10/20
Q: The avg person says they fail to do this 55% of the time?
A:Make A Good First Impression


Thursday 10/19
Q: Psychologists say that doing this for 12 mins a day reduces stress
A: Talk to a family member on the phone


Wednesday 10/18
Q: The average person does this 4x a year online?
A: Self diagnose a medical issue i.e. Web MD


Tuesday 10/17
Q: This happens 93 million times a day in North America?
A: Someone takes a selfie


Monday 10/16
Q: A new study determined that this is probably dirtier than your toilet?
A: A Make-up Brush


Friday 10/13

Thursday 10/12

Wednesday 10/11
Q: 40% of us have secretly done this at work?
A: Change the thermostat


Tuesday 10/10
Q: 9/10 kids will eat this at some point over the next 2 months while only 1/10 adults will?
A: Snow


Monday 10/9
Q: This is a horrible idea to do, but 30% of people still do it?
A: Continue to use a default password


Friday 10/6
Q: 75% of people in the world will be doing this at 4pm??
A: Napping/Sleeping


Thursday 10/5
Q: Statistically this is a better investment than stocks, bonds or even gold?
A: Legos


Wednesday 10/4
Q: The chance of this happening to you is down 50% from 2019
A: Getting stuck intraffic


Tuesday 10/3
Q: 75% of people say they prefer to do this at home?
A: Drink wine


Monday 10/2
Q: Hard to believe 25% of adults do this every night?
A: Sleep with a stuffed animal


Friday 9/29
Q: 25% of millennials admit to doing this at their
A: Bring a condom


Thursday 9/28
Q: 25% of 40 year-olds have never done this?
A: Been married


Wednesday 9/27
Q: 24% of people have one of these right now?
A: A cracked phone screen


Tuesday 9/26
Q: 13% of people say they do this while watching TV?
A: Turn on subtitles


Monday 9/25
Q: You’ll burn 3,600 calories a year doing this?
A: Brushing your teeth


Friday 9/22
Q: The #1 we we waste time at work is _______?
A: Talking about the weather


Thursday 9/21
Q: 10% of us have eaten 6 of these in one sitting?
A: Tacos


Mon 9/18
Q: This past weekend this happened in nearly half of the 50 United States?
A: Corn mazes opened


Friday 9/15
Q: 44% of people say they would give up social media for a month if they could avoid this?
A: Mosquitos


Thursday 9/14
Q: Almost 50% of us have one of these in our car &  it doesn’t?
A: Air fresheners

Wed 9/13
Q: Surprisingly 8% of Americans say they would like to spend more time doing this?
A: Having more screen time


Tue 9/12Q: 30% of people say it’s been more than a month since they’ve used ___?
A: Cash $$$$


Mon 9/11
Q: 25% of people say this is more important than a washer & dryer?
A: Wifi


Fri 9/8
Q: Most women keep the same one of these for 12 years?
A: Hair stylist


Thu 9/7
Q: 25% of couples have shared this?
A: Their Underwear


Wed 9/6
Q: 15% of Americans did this for the final time of the year over the Labor Day wknd?
A: Ate a hot dog


Tue 9/5
Q: You are more likely to do this at 6pm than any other time of the day?
A: Order food delivery – Grub Hub, Uber Eats etc.


Fri 9/1
Q: 20% of moms have done this to teach their kids a lesson?
A: Hide stuff


Thu 8/31
Q: 80% of women agree that men over 30 should not do this?
A: Wear an earing


Wed 8/30
Q: 15% of people say they’ve stopped doing this_____?
A: Wearing deodorant


Tue 8/29
Q: 30% of parents say they get stressed out when doing this for their kids?
A: Making or packing their school lunches


Mon 8/28
Q: 15% of us have done THIS embarrassing thing while exercising?
A: Fall off treadmill


Fri 8/25
Q: 40% of men and 10% of woman have done this in their life?
A: Be in a band


Thu 8/24
Q: 18% of pet owners do this?
A: Include their pets in their will


Wed 8/23
Q: 40 years ago 4/5 households had one of these…now only 3% do?
A: Air popper popcorn maker

Tue 8/22
Q: What’s the most common thing that most adults use every day?
A:  Paper, stationary etc. post-it note


Mon 8/21
Q: The avg. woman complains abt this at least 2x a day?
A: Men/ their sig other


Fri 8/18
Q: 10% of married couples met their spouse here?
A: Elementary School


Thu 8/17
Q: According to a recent ROKU survey, people say that they get frustrated by their partner’s tv habits…What is their top frustration?
A: Volume to loud/or too quiet


Wed 8/16
Q: This is banned in 1 in 5 schools BUT is legal in all 50 states?
A: Peanuts/Peanut Butter


Tue 8/15
Q: 75% of guys say they would NOT date a woman who has one of these?
A: An Only Fans page


Mon 8/14
Q: Most of us have 1 of these but at 5% of us have 2!
A: Middle names   (What’s your middle name? Do you have more than one?)


Thur 8/10
Q: 70% of all people say that after shopping we want one of these?
A: A Paper receipt NOT an e-receipt


Wed 8/9
Q: Only 10% of us say we like the taste of ____?
A: Envelope Adhesive


Tues 8/8
Q: People are most likely to do this between 8am-12n?
A: Hit a drive-thru


Fri 8/4
Q: Almost 20% of people agree that a really good friend should be willing to do THIS for you?
A: Bail you out of jail


Thu 8/3
Q: What is the #1 thing women lie to other women about?
A: How much they spent on that outfit/clothes


Wed 8/2
Q: 15% of people say this is the #1 thing they forget to take on an overnight getaway?
A: Underwear


Tue 8/1
Q: Abt 20% of the food you bought the last time you went grocery shopping has something specific in common?
A: It gets wasted, left to spoil


Mon 7/31
Q: 5% of divorced people will do this at some point?
A: Re-marry their ex


Fri 7/28
Q: Over half of soon-to-be brides won’t book a wedding venue unless it has this?
A: Free wifi


Thu 7/27
Q: 55% of people admit they’ve lied abt this to avoid hurting someone’s feelings?
A: Their cooking


Wed 7/26
Q: On avg people under the age of 35 do this for avg of 3.5 hrs a day?
A: Wear headphones


Tue 7/25
Q: 20% of adults say they still have an emotional response to this sound?
A: Ice cream truck


Mon 7/24
Q: The average worker will spend 6 minutes doing this today?
A: Look for another job


Fri 7/21
Q: 2% of people say they never wash this?
A: pillow cases


Thur 7/20
Q: A new study shows that we waste abt 15% of our time at work on this?
A: Computer issues


Weds 7/19
Q: 1/3 of women say they always do this before heading out the door?
A: Check out their booty in the mirror


Tues 7/18
Q: About half of us admit to talking to this machine?


Mon 7/17
Q: The avg person will say this 5x today?
A: Thank You


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