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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Ellen and Jake

Jake ghosted Ellen because he was embarrassed about not having enough money to take her out again…but wait till you hear WHY he was broke? He blew his entire paycheck on WHAT???

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Bye, Ellen! There’s a new retweet king!

And so begins a story of a man and his quest for chicken nuggets.  A couple of months ago, Carter Wilkerson sent out this tweet to Wendy’s: HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS — Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) April 6, 2017 And so began Carter’s quest for 18mil retweets. While trying to get 18mil retweets, he did something …

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Adele Visits Ellen


In what was a rare daytime TV appearance, Adele was awesome enough to stop by the Ellen Show on Thursday! They talked about a lot, and Adele opened up about why she cried the entire day after the Grammys. 

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Zac Efron Gives Ellen a Lap Dance

A lot of ladies in America are pretty jealous of Ellen today… She not only got a lap dance from Zac Efron, but she also got to watch him “twerk” up close! Watch as Zac Efron goes all out during a game of “Heads Up!” on The Ellen Show.

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Bieber Talks Selena/Performs “Sorry” on Ellen

It’s Bieber week on Ellen! Since Justin Bieber’s new album Purpose drops this Friday, he’s celebrating by joining Ellen everyday this week. Yesterday, Justin answered some tough questions from Ellen about his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez….

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Ellen Does It Again

Jake Gyllenhaal was on Ellen promoting his new movie Nightcrawler,  and became the latest victim of one her pranks! 

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Sia Performs on Ellen

Yesterday Aussie Sia was on Ellen’s show to perform “Chandelier” and the way she did the performance was nothing short of amazing. The performance of “Chandelier” was actually a recreation of the music video and Sia decided to stay out of the spotlight. Instead, she decided to allow 11 year old Maddie to shine through as the star of the …

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Katy Perry Visits Ellen

Katy Perry brought a surprise guest with her – John Mayer! The on and off couple talked about their new video “Who You Love” which is featured on John’s album Paradise Valley.  Katy also took a dig at Kim and Kanye’s “Bound” video. Check it out!

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