Your Sleep Schedule Could Explain Your Upset Stomach

If you’re like me, you may have clicked into this blog but still rolled your eyes… like DUH, yes, we know, everything is tied to good sleep. But… THIS WORLD EXPECTS US TO SLEEP LESS AND BE MORE PRODUCTIVE!!

So, we can see that healthy sleep is necessary for our wellbeing, but it’s hard to get there.

But if you’ve been noticing that maybe your stomach feels a little queasy when you wake up or maybe you just feel gross more often, turns out that yes, sleep, could be to blame for THAT as well.

The more I’m on TikTok, the more I’m learning that our gut health really controls the rest of our body, and the microbiome in your intestines is effected quite a bit by sleep patterns. Those pesky brain chemicals some of us lack… turns out a lot of THOSE (serotonin, dopamine, etc.) are made in the gut. So a good night sleep can regulate more production of the happy hormones, and in turn, those happy hormones tend to regulate sleep!

A STEADY bed time is key… none of this 9pm Sunday- Thursday and then midnight or later Friday or Saturday. Disrupting a normal bedtime by even 90 minutes can be detrimental to your gut biome!

That stinks, because I’ve always gone to be early on “school nights” but stayed up on the weekends. Call it bedtime revenge procrastination, but it makes me feel more in control of my life that way!

Will this change how you think about sleep or did you, in fact, roll your eyes and say “yeah right” when you clicked?