Y107’s High/Low Game Gives Mid-Missouri MORE FREE MONEY!

Need some extra spending money?  DUH!  Who doesn’t?  Well, we’ve got it waiting for you!


We’ve filled a steel case with cash! Bills and coins.  Starting Thursday, September 23rd, we’re giving you the opportunity to claim the cash as your own.  Three times each weekday, at 8:20a, 1:20p, and 3:20p, be the 7th caller when we tell you to dial in. The number to call is 573-441-Y107 (9107) or 800-500-Y107 (9107).  If successful at being the 7th caller, you’ll get one chance to guess exactly how much money is in the case, right down to the penny.



If correct, THE MONEY IS ALL YOURS!!! 

If incorrect, we’ll let everyone know if you’re too high or too low!

In other words, make sure you listen to EVERY guess to help narrow down your choices when it’s your turn.

Of course, there’s a perk to being a YVIP, as you’ll get occasional e-mail updates of the new “too low” and “too high” numbers!


Congrats to Stacey in Jefferson City who correctly guessed…


How close were you?


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  1. I’m going to add your phone number to my contacts, so I have it ready to call in for the High/Low contest. Thank you for adding me as a contestant!

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