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Y107 Has Your Taylor Tickets

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour is coming to Arrowhead Stadium in KC and we want you to be there!!!!!

Congrats to Diane Sullivan from Cali Mo on winning 2 tix to the Eras Tour to see Taylor Swift LIVE from Breaktime and Y107

Get to Galen’s Autobody at 910 Dinwiddie Circle, off Rangeline in North Columbia before 1p May 19, where Y107’s Kristin will be LIVE from 11a-1p, with the winner announcement on Facebook Live at 1p.

Go see The Company Wendy C. Swetz Real Estate 4013 Frontgate Dr, Suite 110 in Columbia behind Addison’s South before 2p May 20 where Y107’s Kristin will be LIVE from 12n-2p, with the winner announcement on Facebook Live at 2p.


  1. I would love 5hese tickets it would be an amazing additon to the best year yet

  2. I have grown up with Taylor Swift!! She has helped me through so many bad times!! I mean she helped me through my Nannys passing of cancer. Now that I am older she is helping me through my mom being sick. Besides my mom and my grandma, Taylor Swift has been an amazing role model!! I can’t wait for her music to help through other people’s bad or even good times!!

  3. Unfortunately not this time around.

  4. My daughter wants to see Taylor for her first concert.

  5. Hoping to win for my niece:)

  6. Lindsay Ozisik

    Would love to sing the lyrics to Karma at the top of my lungs, and show my daughter what true talent is with Taylor’s performance:)

  7. Is there anyway to enter without going to these places? Working and living elsewhere is makes it hard to get there.

  8. I have been trying to get tickets for my self and my mom who is the biggest swiftie ever and I want her to get to see Taylor live before she runs out of time. Love you Tay!!❤️

    I need to see you!
    Taylor swift is absolutely the BOMB ! She and her music have been apart of every of my life SINCE A PRETEEN and as I get older her songs just hit even more! This is the end of my 20 era! So this Era tour would just be the cherry on top! Taylors music is what relates to me and things my happenings in life.

    Me and my girlfriend would have a blast !

    Y107 *
    Cosmo and Kat

  10. I would love to win Taylor swift tickets. I tried to buy tickets and never got thru. Thank u for the opportunity. My granddaughters are both going into the nursing field and I would give them to my granddaughters. Thank you for this chance!!

  11. Taylor swift is absolutely amazing! She and her music have been apart of every era of my life and as I continue going through my eras along with Taylor it’s been magical to find music that relates to me and my happenings in life.

  12. I can’t believe your giving away 2 tickets! They are so expensive! I would be taking my daughter who is turning 11 on May 6th. I will be praying everyday that God gets these tickets to the right persons. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to even have a chance to go! THANK YOU ❤️

  13. Maynard Madsen


    Y107 ROCKS!!!!!!


  16. I love Taylor pick me

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