We Have a Date for Ted Lasso S3

Man holds a remote control With the new Apple TV+ screen on TV.

If you haven’t seen Ted Lasso yet, you’re missing out. It’s literally worth the Apple + subscription on its own (although I really like The Morning Show, too, but I digress).

In a world where there are VERY few things to smile about lately, Ted Lasso seems to be able to inject a pure, unadulterated positivity into everyone he touches, without it feeling phony or cheap. Legit, if you haven’t watched it, I dare you to watch the first season and then tell me you don’t like the show. I don’t think I’ve heard a single negative review about it!

If you HAVE seen it, you know… so all YOU need to know is that season 12 will have 12 episodes dropping starting March 15th.

Damn, even this teaser makes me smile really big!