Empty seats. Young stewardess on the work in the passanger airplane
Empty seats. Young stewardess on the work in the passanger airplane

The Most Annoying Things You Can Do on an Airplane

Travel Site The Vacationer conducted a Survey of things passengers find annoying on a plane, and some of these are absolutely incredibly annoying, but others… you’re just already in a bad mood if you find these annoying! Here’s the list!

1. Kicking the Back of Your Seat

There’s nothing worse than this… you’re just getting into your plane slumber when you’re jolted forward because the person behind you has kneed your seat! Now, to be fair, some of us have VERY long legs, and they do NOT give you room, so I’m more inclined to blame the airline than the person, but it IS annoying!

2. Drunk and Disruptive

At best, you’re just making a fool of yourself and annoying the plane. At worst, you end up on TikTok as “that guy.” Don’t be that guy.

3. Smells from Poor Hygiene or Too Much Cologne/Perfume

In a crowded atmosphere, less is more when it comes to perfume, and speaking as someone who gets pretty motion sick, you’re risking me vomiting down your back if you opt for that uber floral perfume. But DO take a shower before you board and do use deodorant.

4. Inattentive Parents / Poor Parenting

We all understand that there’s almost nothing you can do when the baby is crying, and mama, you’re doing the best you can… but when it’s your three year old running up and down the aisle and you have your  noise-cancelling headphones on and your nose in a book… that’s not cool. If your kids are on your vacation, you’re never “off.”

5. Eating Pungent or Foul-Smelling Foods — 39.80%

I mean, can we just stick to the basics? Bring pretzels or popcorn for your trip and leave the tuna sandwich at home!

6. Hogs the Armrests — 39.07%

Again, I’m inclined to blame the airline, but just be aware there’s one arm rest for two people. Think of it less like an arm rest and more like a divider between you and the stranger sitting 2 inches to your right.

7. Reclines Seat Fully in Front of You — 38.25%

Why does the seat even recline that much when you have NO leg room. When you’re fully reclined, it’s like you’re lying in the lap of the stranger directly behind you, and that’s a little too intimate for a 6am flight.

8. Talks to You Too Much — 29.87%

Extroverts, I get it. You get your energy from other people, and you don’t have to know them for it to work. But I speak for all introverts when I say WE get our energy from you never uttering a word to us, so please don’t. Why is YOUR energy more important than mine?

9. Boards or Deplanes Out of Turn — 29.60%

The plane is literally not leaving without you, just wait for the boarding group your ticket says and be happy you weren’t bumped for a flight crew! And when the plane lands, why does everyone just stand up like you’re getting out right away. It’s MINIMUM 15 minutes from when you land to actually start moving, so just sit down and chill out!

10. Listens to Music or Movies Too Loudly — 28.96%

HEADPHONES! They were invented for a reason. Please use them.

11. Takes off Shoes — 23.59%

This isn’t home. You may be in a closed space that feels like the inside, but you’re still in public, man, put those piggies away!

12. Flirting with You, Passengers, or Flight Attendants — 21.89%

You’re not going to get a free drink by flirting with the flight attendant… and they’ve already fended off the advances of 8 people in the last 3 days. Trust me, keep your coy smile to yourself. It’s not doing you favors.

13. Gets Up to Use Restroom or Stretch Too Much — 19.95%

Okay, this one I don’t agree with, you’re in a very cramped space for HOURS at a time, stretching is good for you… unless you’re talking about the window seat passenger and I’m the aisle, and they’re getting up every ten minutes, and THEN I agree with you. Other than that, mind ya business!

14. Uses Overhead Bin Space Many Rows in Front of Seat — 18.12%

If there’s 3 seats, and 3 spaces above those seats for carryons, why on earth did you put your carry on 5 rows ahead of you?

15. Overly Affectionate Couples — 14.12%

Okay mind ya business here. Read a book, sleep, or use noise cancelling headphones. Oh… unless by “overly affectionate” they mean…. ohhhh. Then yeah, I agree

16. Requests Too Much from Flight Attendants — 13.02%

In case you didn’t know, they didn’t assign you a personal concierge when you boarded (which for the price of spending 2 hours in the air, they probably should). Stop asking for every amenity you can get every five seconds.


Do you agree with these? Do you disagree? What would YOU add to the list?

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