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Jonas Brothers Are Back! New Single Tonight!

Jonas Brothers carpool karaoke with James Corden

While we’ve been sitting here staring at Taylor Swift’s Instagram, the Jonas Brothers have FINALLY revealed the rumors and speculation are true…   THEY’RE BACK!   Honestly, should we be surprised?  After disbanding to do their own thing back in 2013, their twitter and Instagram were suddenly reactivated in January of 2018. While Nick denied the reunion, he wasn’t too convincing. …

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Ariana Grande is making people feel poor and they LOVE it!

A picture of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande just dropped a new song called 7 Rings. The idea for the title comes from a night when she was drunk and bought six of her best friends engagement rings. The song has multiple lyrics bragging about how much money she has.  One of her lyrics says, “I bought a crib just for the closet”. Another says, “I got …

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Imagine Dragons New Album Is a D!

A picture of Imagine Dragons.

This album was tough for me to grade because I’m not really a die-hard fan for Imagine Dragons. I like their music and their performances, but they have always been on the back burner for me. Sorry…that’s my opinion. When I listened to their new album Origins, I first gave each song a pretty harsh grade. But I always listen …

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New Music From Normani and Calvin Harris

Normani on stage with sass

I was surprised when Carson told me that Normani dropped not one but two new songs today with Calvin Harris. I knew she was working on new music but I did not expect to get two songs in one day! I immediately looked the songs up and gave them a score one through ten with ten being best. (Catch the tracks below) …

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Sorry Usher Your New Album “A” Is an F

Usher on stage

Maybe if Usher spent more then one week working on his new album he would have received a better grade from me.  Usher surprised us all last night when he decided to drop his first album since 2016. The album is in celebration of his 40th Birthday. But get this; he only spent a whopping five days on this eight-track album. FIVE …

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If Usher Covered Black Beetles, You’d Get THIS Perfection! [VIDEO]

I love mash-ups. Well, I love them when they’re done right. So when a Facebook post touts a “MUST HEAR” mash-up featuring “Black Beetles”, of course I had to click. And this is what I got. OH MY GAWD!  WHAT?!?!  Seriously, how is there anything wrong with this? Obviously with Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show, we love Usher’s “Confessions” …

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The Weeknd has done something unthinkable… he has chopped off his signature hair! It has definitely changed his look. However, that is what he was going for as he reviled his new cut he also announced his new album. The Project is called Starboy. The singer and songwriter recently said in an interview about the upcoming album, “I think it’ll …

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