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Y107’s Fill the Foodbank CONTINUES!

Thank You for your super generous donations yesterday during Fill the Foodbank! You have helped out in big ways to keep Mid-Mo fed.  What you may not have known, was MIZZOU Alum Chase Daniel had partnered with the Food Bank to match their donations up to $25k, with hopes of raising about $50k.  As we were getting underway yesterday, we learned that total …

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Little Zoey bought drinks for all the folks working the Covid-19 testing at Saline County Health Department in Marshall Mo…she had a Norwex party and the money she earned was enough to bring drinks and treats for the staff at the health department, Katy Trail Clinic and National Guard!!! Thank you Zoey! From Saline County WIC   Response from Zoey …

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Workers at Employment Security

Brunette female call center worker on phone at desk

 I wanted to give a shout out to all of those people at employment security that are assisting with the unemployment claims. Our jobs are not easy.  We are not getting recognized for the hard work and extra hours that we are putting in. So I want to send a thank you to my co-workers and those that deserve the …

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What Are The Real COVID-19 Symptoms

young woman wearing medical facemask holds head in hands

The stay at home order is lifting on Monday. However, it won’t be business as usual, as new precautions will be taken. Many are worried of a resurgence of Coronavirus cases. So what are the real COVID-19 symptoms? I have to admit, I’ve googled this many times.  Especially with allergies setting in. Is it in my head? Do I need …

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Y107 Celebrates Mid-Mo’s Helpers

Mid-Mo Helpers sign

There’s a Mr. Rodger’s quote that has been going around lately:  When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping out.”

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M.J. at Auto Zone

Autozone sign

Shout out to M.J. at Auto Zone in CoMo who just delivered a car battery charger to me out in the country. I’m just not driving the car enough to keep the battery charged. On day 34 of well self-quarantine. The manager left it to M.J.’s discretion as to whether to deliver to me. Big thanks! I learned of really …

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Boonville Residents Shopping Local Receive Utility Credit

Boonville City logo

Shout out to the City of Boonville! As times have changed due to COVID-19, people and businesses are struggling. The city was trying to come up with ideas to help stimulate their community. They came up something that helps both, and we love it! They have decided to offer residents up to $60 is credit on their water and sewer …

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Bowl of ramen

A person who has really helped through all this is my Mom’s boyfriend, Micheal. He always brings us care packages and lots and lots of ramen! I wanna thank him for helping us through these tough times. From Mady

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InstaCart & DoorDash Workers

Man in facemask delivering grocieries

I just want to say thank you to all the Instacart and DoorDash or‘s who are still going strong and delivering peoples food and groceries. Like myself, I’m still going strong to make sure elderly and people with compromised immune systems are getting our groceries without leaving their house. From Anonymous

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ICAN Foundation of Missouri

mentally disabled woman with a second woman and a companion dog, concept learning by animal assisted living

I want to give a shout out to a group of individuals, not just one:  all my coworkers at ICAN Foundation of Missouri and anyone working with individuals with developmental disabilities. Our population often does not understand what is happening right now. They don’t get the very sudden change in their normal routine. They don’t understand why Friday trips to …

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Hospital Janitors and Maintenance Staff

Person mopping floor at hospital

I want to give a shout out to the janitorial service as well as maintenance at hospitals. No one hears about them. I’m one of them, and I just never hear anything about them. We are right in the middle and don’t always get noticed. I’m sending this to you, not for myself, but others like myself. I work at …

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First Chance for Children

Volunteers with supplies

I just wanted to shine some light on the helpers who work behind the scenes, and sometimes go unnoticed. As a nurse, I really appreciate the love and support I have gotten from our community in Columbia, MO, I wanted to pass that positive energy on… So here is a helper story. My mom works for First Chance for Children, …

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Michele Doolady – PreK teacher

Drawing of kindergarten teacher and class

I wanted to give Michele Doolady a huge shout out! She is a wonderful private in-home preschool teacher/ owner who decided to stay open, so parents who are essential staff could still work. She also made/delivered creative learning bags for each of her kiddos staying home so they would all have fun things to do “together” over Zoom videos. For …

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Alex Higgins – North Callaway HS Band/Choir Director

I would like to recognize my husband, Alex Higgins. He is the high school band and choir director at North Callaway High School. Today he spent the whole day driving around the entire district to put signs in the yards of his senior students to let them know he’s thinking about and missing them. From Robin

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Helping Someone In Need

When I was at the store with my mom we saw this lady she did not have a lot and we gave her hand santiz and tisses and said stay safe. From Brook

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Morris Packaging

I would like to give a shout out to my employer, Morris Packaging. They are helping to support our locally owned restaurants in Jefferson City. They have been contacting the locally owned restaurants, and if they are willing to provide fresh meals to all 3 shifts. They have been providing us with lunch 1 to 2 times a week. They …

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Chances “R”

Chances “R” a restaurant in Laurie, MO, provided 400 meals to the community Easter Weekend. From Mary

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Nourish Cafe

Nourish Cafe has been doing a good thing with gift cards for hospital workers or first responders.   From Danny

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Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland

Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland has been helping the community in so many ways! One troop made Easter cards and sent them to Senior Care homes. One Troop in Columbia made masks for their community! From Breanna

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Hospital Workers in Jefferson City

My helper story is all of my coworkers at the hospital. We are all working together to give our patients the best care possible. I work in at a hospital in Jeff city and we have awesome nurses, doctors, techs, evs, dietary, and so on, that go out of their way to do everything we can for our patients ALL …

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Meals for Heroes

The Rock Bridge HS Interact Club and Columbia South Rotary launched a fundraiser to help healthcare heroes and local businesses! From the GoFundMe page: ”To launch our initiative we will first focus on a handful of local restaurants who will receive funds to provide meals to University and Boone Hospitals. We will work with Directors of Dining and Nutrition to …

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Teri Shaon

My little sister Teri Shaon is an RN who assists running the ER at the VA in Columbia. She came in contact with the virus had to be quarantined cane up negative and got right back out on the frontlines. She’s a very HOLY woman. She will run to get necessities for those in need on her time off and …

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Doris @ Central Bank

I work with a wonderful woman named Doris. She is a part-time employee at Central Bank and has her own massage business. Since she has had to temporarily close her Loving Hands Massage she was looking for something meaningful to do to fill her time. Doris has been picking up trash at Binder Lake and other locations around Jefferson City. …

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Rolla Relief Network

I am a social worker by trade but during this time I have joined a volunteer network on Facebook called Rolla Relief Network. It’s a group of caring genuine folks who donate things other folks need and we also deliver supplies to those who can’t get out. I keep getting told don’t overdo it but I love helping people. From …

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