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Need Valentine’s Gift Ideas?

I’ve gotchu!

Whether you’re in a new relationship around Valentine’s Day, or you’re married, sometimes the red-and-pink-heart-decorated day can be daunting! Is there an expectation? Do I need to make fancy dinner reservations? (Restaurants are usually packed, so opt for a homemade dinner date).

If you have no idea what gift to give, here are some ideas*.

Be Casual-Fancy

Grab some S’more fixin’s and roast marshmallows on a fork over this tabletop fire pit. Add a bottle of sparkling wine, dim the lights, and have a romantic and fun night!

And speaking of sparkling wine, it tastes 43% better in a fancy looking champagne glass:

It’s Not Valentine’s Day without Fancy Chocolate

At least for ME! I’m a sucker for a good box of chocolates. My mouth is WATERING at this box of Godiva!

Take Pictures the Old Fashioned Way

Before iPhones, before one-hour-developing, it took weeks to get your film back, and the instant camera became a thing! And there’s something so fun and vintage about it, which is why it’s back, and you’re able to get plenty of film for it! Break out the camera and take some fun pictures of each other!

Coffee is a Love Language

For some of us, coffee isn’t just a want or a need, it’s a LIFESTYLE! If your sweetie works from home, make sure they have constant access to coffee without having to hit up the kitchen!

Don’t forget great coffee flavors. This is a personal favorite:

And if you REALLY wanna wow them, how about this mug that keeps the coffee warm, even if they’re a slow drinker!

Travel Makes Me Swoon

My husband and I have decided that we want to see the WORLD! If you surprise your significant other with their choice of vacation, and some sweet accessories to go with that, they will be the heart eyes emoji for sure!

They’ll definitely need something to do on the flight! How about a book or 10? The Kindle saves precious space in your luggage but carries a bazillion books on it!

Between the noise of the engines, crying babies, or chatty neighbors, they need noise cancelling ear buds, whether they’re listening to Y107 on the in-flight wifi or just white noise to help them sleep!

Okay ONE more in the travel category, just because this was THE MOST HANDY thing at the airport… your hands are full and you’re trying to carry your personal item AND your carryon, but you just NEED a coffee before that 5am flight. Cup holders that attach to your suitcase handle!

Everyone Just Wants to Relax

Everyone is stressed at one point or another, and could take a load off, so spend Valentine’s Day making them feel pampered AF!

This cooling jade mask is the perfect thing to let the eyes relax. And when your eyes start to relax, the whole body follows!

I got one of these oil diffusers for Christmas last year and every time I fire it up, my house smells like a spa! Scent is an amazing way to help let go!

For the FULL spa experience, you need to pipe in some zen music, so you’ll need a great bluetooth speaker! (this also goes great for the travel section, so you can sit poolside with your favorite music)


Now OBVIOUSLY, you know your person better than a random radio station personality does, so use what you know about what they like. What are their passions, and how can you make it easier for them to focus on them? What is their love language? What lights a fire in their eyes? Personalize their gift and it’ll be the best one they’ve ever gotten! Have a happy Valentine’s Day!


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