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Missouri Launches “988” Helpline Online

For the many of us that struggle with Mental Health, Missouri just offered another helping hand!

Last July, they re-launched the Suicide Prevention Hotline as a simple “Call 988”!  It was an amazing lifeline for so many, as the previous number, although featured as a Logic song, was a lot to remember.

This week, Missouri just increased the helpline beyond the phone, launching in coordination with the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

We know that when individuals are experiencing crisis the sooner we can connect them to support and provide assistance the better. This website adds even more access to critical resources that will help save lives. ~Governor Parson

What I didn’t realize is the number and website, are for so much more support than just suicide prevention. It’s a “Suicide AND Crisis” hotline/website. They’ll be there for you when you’re in a dark place, whether it’s suicide, substance abuse, being overwhelmed and anxious, or any other mental health situation.

The website is a fantastic resource for when you, or someone you know, might not be in an immediate crisis but might be headed that way.  And since no one picks up the phone anymore, there’s also the 988 Text or 988 Chat option.  Of course, it is ALL Free and confidential too.

So spread the word. It’s another reason why Missouri is AWESOME! And to that note, THANK YOU Missouri for prioritizing Mental Health!

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