Live-Action “The Little Mermaid” Trailer Released

Disney fanatics should be STOKED!

The Little Mermaid has ALWAYS been one of my absolute FAVORITE Disney movies, and then by complete accident I went to a college that had a lot to do with The Little Mermaid:

I went to this small private college in Decatur, IL. called Millikin University, where the original voice of the Little Mermaid, Jody Benson, went to college, too! And then later, when they brought The Little Mermaid to Broadway, Ariel was played by Sierra Boggess… an actress that had also graduated from Millikin University! Honestly, they should have changed their mascot to the Millikin Mermaids.

The live-action version of The Little Mermaid was announced YEAAARS ago… like around the time the live-action Beauty and the Beast came out… and then…. nothing. And I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting….

This looks worth the wait to me!

AND it’s going to be released around my birthday! I cannot wait!! Her voice gave me GOOSEBUMPS!

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