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My radio career was… accidental. Even though I’m a second generation radio personality (it was my dad’s career, too), I had never even thought about it as a potential career. It wasn’t until I was being interviewed on the morning show of my favorite radio station promoting a local arena football team that I accidentally ended up with a part time job. Apparently “not being afraid of the microphone” and “talking naturally” was a big selling point. I fell in love. More than once, actually. The afternoon guy helped train me, and in no time I was added to do a full show with him in the afternoon. That’s where we became best friends. Years later, we’re married.

The other love of my life is our husky-mix, Tiani. She’s so beautiful, she has her own Instagram account. I love dogs, but I had never owned a husky before… you have to be okay with dog glitter all over everything for the rest of your life. Fortunately, she’s so wonderful, she’s worth the hair. I love to craft. I already loved it prior to owning a Cricut, but that just amplified my obsession, and I went from a couple small boxes of supplies to a whole room dedicated to it. Okay, it’s also our office and home studio, but the craft supplies dominate. I’m an on again/off again workout enthusiast. I’ve run more 5Ks than I can count and four half-marathons. At some point I’d like to run a marathon, but I don’t know that I’ll ever be in that good of running shape to accomplish it. I also like feeling strong, so I do weight lift. My biggest problem is that I really like food that’s not so good for you, and I HATE cooking, so if you’d ever like to be my personal chef (and get paid in hugs and appreciation), I’m game.

I love hanging out with you in the afternoons while we listen to our favorite songs and chat about the latest crazy internet challenge! Radio isn’t a job, it’s a passion for me, so I’m excited to get to know you and MEET you out and about, but always hang out with you 2-7 in the afternoon on Y107!


  1. Thanks for playing Standing Next to You by Jung Kook and Usher. I would like to hear it again on your show.

  2. Are you bringing back troop of the week again this year? Cookie season just started and Hallsville Girls would love to get featured again!

  3. Awesome! Yeah that was so fun! I’m so glad Liz invited me to chat with them! They were such a great audience!

  4. Hey Kristen i saw you in person back in April you came to my school oakland middle school and talked about what it’s like being in the radio!

  5. Was it Ylona Garcia- Vibin’ that I played during the Test Drive?

  6. Kristin, I believe it was yesterday you played this song to see what everyone thought of it, it was a girl singing and I thought the title said something about just vibing?? I need your help because I keep thinking about it!

  7. Absolutely. That’s “Leave the Door Open” by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, aka “Silk Sonic”.

  8. You played a song today around 2:30-2:40 that had a MoTown feel/Bruno Mars. It was new and I honestly can’t remember anything about it. Any chance you can help me? I loved it!!!

  9. Hi, Mary! I sent you an email!

  10. Yesterday were you on the radio and said something about getting paid to test mattresses if so what was the name of that site

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