vinyl record pop music
vinyl record pop music

I Turned a Thrifted Vinyl Record Into My Wedding Guestbook

Fiancé Tim and I met in radio, so music is obviously an important aspect of our relationship. We were racking our brains to come up with an interesting guest book idea that wasn’t a book we’d put on a shelf and never look at again. Finally, we came up with upcycling an old vinyl record!

The finished product that’ll hang in our house after everyone signs it will look like those platinum record plaques artists get from their music doing really well (behind the scenes note, some radio stations actually get them, too!)

It was REALLY easy and cost me less than $10 to make! I have a Cricut, so I made the label in Cricut Design Space and just print it on printable vinyl and had the Cricut cut it out, but I feel like you could just print it and hand cut it if you don’t have a Cricut!

Check it out:


My fiance and I are both in radio, so music means a lot to us! A vinyl guestbook with a custom label (with a QR code that sends you to our wedding playlist) felt PERFECT!! #Vinyl #Record #Craft #DIY #WeddingDIY #wedding #weddingcraft #weddingguestbook #spraypaint #thrifting #repurposing

♬ Vinyl – Kira Kosarin



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