Y107 Grants Your Holiday Wishes!

The holiday season is often a time of joy and celebrations, but for some it’s one of the most difficult times of the year. This year, Y107 teamed up with Hibbett Sports, D. Rowes, and Missouri Vein Care to help Mid-Missouri have a happier holiday season, through the services of two amazing charities: LOVE Columbia, and Common Ground in Jefferson City.

While we are no longer accepting wishes, we want you to hear all of the amazing stories of some of your neighbors here in Mid-Missouri.

If you find yourself in need of help at ANY time of the year, please reach out to either of these great organizations. If you live outside Columbia or Jefferson City, they can help direct you to a great resource in your local area.

Cosmo grants Bobbi’s Wish as she and her husband Christopher overcome shocking, major medical issues.

Kristin grants Jerry’s Wish as he recovers from surgery as a single father trying to keep Christmas magical.

Cosmo grants Caitlin’s Wish, as she worries about Christmas as they try to fix their cars and overcome cancer and medical bills.

Carson grants Melissa’s Wish, as she raises 6 kids after adopting her nieces, who were left orphaned after losing their parents in a car accident.

Carson grants Michelle’s Wish, a single mom trying to provide for her kids, as her son faces major medical issues while her daughter heads to college.


  1. Julie, unfortunately, the submission period for this year is over. Please feel free to reach out to either Common Ground or LOVE Columbia. They are ALWAYS there to help. Best of luck!

  2. Usually I don’t do this cuz I know there’s more people out there who need this more than I do but I would like to make Christmas be a good year this year I am just now able to have all three of my girls back in my home for Christmas and I have no way of getting them anything my car has broke down again I’m trying to get it fixed but no way to get it fixed so I am borrowing a car until I can get my car fixed and between running through Lebanon everyday just to go to work I have no money I’m overdrafting my bank all the time just to have gas and make sure my bills are paid if somebody could just help us out and even just a little bit

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