Facebook May Owe You Money!

There’s another class-action lawsuit against Meta, parent company to Facebook, regarding data they sold of yours they were NOT legally allowed to sell without your permission!

You qualify for this lawsuit settlement if you were a Facebook user in the United states between May 24, 2007 and December 22, 2022. They’ve agreed to payout $725 million. How much does that mean you’ll get? Well, it depends on how many people register. It likely won’t be more than a couple bucks, but the last Facebook class action suit I qualified for, I just got a check for $30… and the Facebook lawsuit before that, I got over $400! So who knows what this one could bring.

If you think you’re eligible, you get registered here. Make sure you know at least the phone number, email address, or username associated with your Facebook account.

Go get your money!

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