Fan Grabbed Drakes Neck

INDIANAPOLIS - AUGUST 13: Hip Hop/ Rap Artist Drake performs on stage at the Indiana State Fair on August 13, 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana

During Drake’s “It’s All a Blur” tour, he walks through the audience, shakes hands, takes selfies… usual fan service.

But over the weekend, a video was posted to Twitter/X where a fan puts their hand to Drakes neck, grabbing him by the throat.

Now Drake quickly removed the hand with a smile and proceeded through the fans, but even if that was supposed to be a joke, that’s never funny. The act of violence, even if it’s just in jest, is no joke, as survivors of violent crimes can attest to.

And speaking of violent crimes, did you know that one in 5 women and 1 in 72 men have been raped in their lifetime? Our sister station, KCMQ, just had a radiothon to raise money for True North, a domestic violence shelter in MidMo to help victims of domestic violence leave impossible situations. They brought in over $32,000 in their second year, but you can still donate HERE.