Dictionary.com Adds New Words

dictionary page with a yellow tassel on it

Our vocabulary changes faster than you can think up new words, so dictionaries are updating their pages more and more often now! Dictionary.com just added some new words for Fall 2023, and they encompass the year so far pretty well, imo.

Here are just some of the new additions:

nepo baby

noun. a celebrity with a parent who is also famous, especially one whose industry connections are perceived as essential to their success.

imo I feel like this should expand to all nepotism, because I’ve used this word to describe blatant nepotism of non-famous people I know… 


noun. Informal. a day not easily distinguished from other days, or the phenomenon of days running together.

aka my entire life it seems, lol

shower orange

noun. an orange that is peeled and eaten under a steamy shower, the purported benefit being that the steam enhances the orange’s citrusy fragrance and creates a soothing experience for the person who is showering.

I hadn’t heard of this one before these new words came out but I’m definitely adding oranges to my shopping list this week 

information pollution

noun. the introduction of falsehood, irrelevance, bias, and sensationalism into a source of information, resulting in a dilution or outright suppression of essential facts.

This feels like a necessary addition to the dictionary, unfortunately. 

generative AI

noun. Computers. artificial intelligence that is designed to process prompts from users and respond with text, images, audio, or other output that is modeled on a training data set.

This isn’t the only AI-related word added, thanks to the quick rise of chatbots and learning AIs on the market this year. 


noun. strategic biological experimentation, especially upon oneself, using technology, drugs, hormones, diet, etc., with the goal of enhancing or augmenting performance, health, mood, or the like.

I’ve heard this used only by TechBro health nuts.

decision fatigue

noun. Psychology. Psychiatry. mental and emotional exhaustion resulting from excessive or relentless decision-making, especially the cumulative effect of small decisions that one makes throughout each day.

aka me. I am decision fatigue and decision fatigue is me. 

coffee nap

noun. a short nap, usually 15-30 minutes, taken immediately after drinking a cup of coffee, the claimed benefit being that the energizing effect of caffeine may be bolstered by a sleeping body’s drop in adenosine levels.

I’m legitimately shocked this took until 2023 to add to the dictionary. I learned about it like 5 years ago and it’s LIFE CHANGING! If you haven’t tried this, do it! 


verb. British. to wipe mucus from (the nose), especially with the finger or thumb.

Lol British words are cool. 


Find the full list of new words here!