Girl with binoculars on the search with Prizehunter underneath her

Y107’s Prize Hunter Means More Prizes!

The search is on!  Introducing Y107’s Prize Hunter! We’ve hidden a bunch of prizes in a 10×10 grid (below).  All you have to do, is find them.  Like in the game you loved as a kid, this will be incredibly easy for some, but a little tricky for others. How the Hunt works: Each weekday starting Sept. 30th, you’ll get …

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Throwback throwdown cover photo of Cosmo and Lauren back to back in a boxing ring

Y107’s Throwback Throwdown

Forget just Throwback Thursdays. Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show are upping the stakes with the Throwback Throwdown!  Each Thursday, they’ll give you the chance to compete against either Cosmo or Lauren for the chance of winning an Autographed, Limited Edition piece of exclusive Throwback Throwdown merch. How does it work? First step is to get registered below. Then brush up on your …

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