Campus Tracks September 30

Campus Tracks 4-21

We’re going to start things off with a song kind of out of left field for me and that is Smoky Mountain Rain by Ronnie Millsap. My parents played this one for me last week and I really liked the instrumental as well as Ronnie Millsap’s voice and I knew I would need to give it a listen on my own time and that’s what I did. It immediately stuck and I listened to it on repeat for a couple days before I had to tell myself to give it a break before I burn myself out on it. Almost considering it as a karaoke song should the event ever arise.

My second campus track for this week is Lord Knows by Meek Mill and Tory Lanez. It starts off with a classical music kind of feel and then takes an immediate turn into a dark ominous beat that makes me feel like I can run through a wall. Tory Lanez is on the hook and navigates it perfectly adding to the ominous feel of the beat. Meek is on the verses and does what he is known for, keeping the energy. This song was on repeat the morning of a sociology test I had to take this week it had me feeling like I was ready to name off every old German guy that test was going to throw at me. I’ve yet to get my results back yet so I haven’t figured out if it actually worked or not. If it didn’t I might have to throw it back into the vault. It also had me considering a fighting career just so that I can use it as a walk out song.  These songs have me all over the place.