Campus Tracks September 16/17

First Campus Tracks blog of the fall and this one is going to a little different for me.

Starting it off is going to be “Wham Bam Shang-A-Lang” by Silver. If you’re familiar with Campus Tracks you’ll see this as a crazy change of pace from the rap that I normally feature here. The song seemed familiar to me, but this was my first time ever locking in and listening to it in full. My roommate was cooking some lunch and playing it for the apartment. As it is with most songs I like I hear it and just immediately think I love the vibe of this song. I drove into the station after that and listened to it again, and again, and I was hooked. I might end up taking a deeper dive into that generation of music and see where it takes me.

Sooo I took the deeper dive and it led me to the second campus track for the week which is “I’m Still Standing” by Elton John. All it took was me letting the shuffle roll and it brought me to this song which I was somewhat familiar with before, but I had never given a full on listen to. It didn’t take long for me to get hooked on it and it was immediately added to Campus Tracks. I’m excited to see where the rest of this rabbit hole takes me.

Any recommendations for songs like these I will gladly accept.


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