Campus Tracks 3/10

Coming back from New Orleans was quite the wake up call having to switch from travel mode back into school mode which made for a fairly stressful week. Nothing helps these kinds of weeks better than some good music which is what I relied on heavily.

Kicking things off is Dancing in the Rain (Live at Sunset Sound) by Young the Giant. My friend showed me this song on our way back from New Orleans and it was heavy in the rotation through the start of the week. I really enjoy the peaceful guitar melody and the calmness of the vocals. Also any song that’s about dancing in the rain is automatically more likely to be a high quality song.

Second song of the week is In Your Arms by Nico & Vinz. Their name may sound familiar because of their most successful song Am I Wrong. Unfortunately for Nico and Vinz they weren’t really able to capitalize in the mainstream much more after with this one being the next closest thing. It’s unfortunate but I can still appreciate another hit from them with In Your Arms. It’s a super upbeat song which is exemplified with multiple instances of a twinkling sound effect the topic of the song just being comfortable with someone so how can you not enjoy that.

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