Campus Tracks 2/3

It was a great week this week for Campus Tracks. It started off with a great rotation which then received new additions right at the end of the week making it an all timer in my opinion.

First song for this week’s Campus Tracks is “dancinwithsombawdy” by Eric Doa. Eric Doa recently blew up and landed on my for you page on TikTok through a clip of him singing about the hypothetical of Fortnite streamer Ninja getting a low taper fade. Which did eventually happen because of how big the clip got. Eric Doa had a large following previously to this, so not to take away anything from that, just how I was introduced to him. I took a listen his most recent album and this is the song that stuck out with me the most. It reminds me of Pink’s “Never Gonna Not Dance Again” with such an upbeat tone, and of course a chorus about dancing.

Second is “Plastic Heart” by Kanii. Kanii is beginning to become a regular on Campus Tracks and he’ll be featured again this week. He’s a part of a group that calls themselves the “Heartracers” and so far they have yet to disappoint. Kanii’s solo work has also given him a proven track record to this point. His vocals remind me a little bit of Don Toliver with a high pitch that does receive some assist from autotune. Don’t let that take away from the skill of these artists as “Plastic Heart” is strong through all phases, and is just another song I’ve come to really enjoy from Kanii.

Taking the energy to a whole new level is song three “One Call” by Rich Amiri. You may like starting your day off ┬áby starting with slow songs and easing into upbeat music, but for me there’s no better way than diving right in with a well used rage beat. Many artists utilizing rage beats take advantage of how good the beat is and give lackluster performances whether it’s with choppy flows or lazy vocals. Rich Amiri does a great job on this song capitalizing on a great beat and putting what feels like some actual effort into this track. Also while I don’t condone any sort of drug use the line “I don’t trust a soul I don’t trust nobody. Threw up off some pills I don’t trust my own body” is a crazy line and very memorable.

We were blessed with an early release from Don Toliver on Thursday morning with his new song “Bandit” which features a Tame Impala sample. This track had been teased for a while and is what looks like the lead solo for a new album coming soon. I haven’t really listened to much Tame Impala so the feature doesn’t hold as much meaning to me but I still think the incorporation makes for a great beat. Don Toliver had been on a more R&B stint lately which I was happy to see him go away from in this using a rap based flow with what honestly could be considered a “rage” beat which is becoming increasingly popular. Great marketing for this song also built up loads of hype making this song a great success so far.

Finally is “Tell Me” by Kanii, Riovaz, and Nimstar. The aforementioned “Heartracers” delivered this one Thursday night and I completely forgot about it until Friday morning, and it was immediately in the rotation from first listen. I was sold from the beat which uses a synthesized piano giving a Michael Jackson kind of sound, and dare I say it Kanii puts on a Michael Jackson like performance to kick things off. Nimstar and Riovaz follow that up with great performances of their own before heading back to Kanii for the closing chorus. Nimstar’s verse is a little short, but it doesn’t take anything away from the song. The beat for this is so catchy it would’ve been hard to mess this one up and they were able to make a great song out of it. The music video is also really cool as well, and that’s linked above.


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