Campus Tracks 12/10

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIMEEE OF THE YEAR. Christmas music season is in full swing and I’m absolutely loving it. The whole segment this week could probably be Christmas music but I wanted a little variety in the list. Maybe next week we’ll get a Christmas music exclusive.

Starting things off for Christmas music is This Christmas by Donny Hathaway. I’d heard this song in past year but hadn’t really given it my full attention. For whatever reason it caught my ear this year and I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s also a song haven’t really heard many different variations of, if any at all and that may be a testament to how great of a job Donny Hathaway did on this.

Second Christmas song is Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson. I normally prefer the “classics” and older Christmas songs, but I can’t deny Kelly Clarkson has an absolute hit with this one. The start of the last chorus with the “underneath the tree” note is absolutely electric and the energy of the entire song is exactly what I’m looking for in a Christmas song. Puts me in such a good mood. Fire me up Kelly Clarkson.

Stepping away from the Christmas music takes us to Strip That Down by Liam Payne and Quavo. I hadn’t heard this song for quite some time before I popped my head into the Y107 studio during the week and this song was on. It doesn’t take much and that’s all it took for me to get hooked on it for the rest of the week and get it to Campus Tracks. I always love a good chorus and that’s what got me hooked to this song. I’m also just a huge Quavo fan and I love when he gets on a pop song as a feature.

Final song for Campus Tracks brings me back to my long going battle with the weather and the fact that I hate the cold weather on my walks to class. Hot Summer by the Migos takes the last Campus Tracks slot as my way of wishful thinking for a hot winter. It’s one of the most summer vibes type songs you’ll hear with high energy and of course great verses from the entire trio. I was listening at the very beginning of the week and I thought listening to it was actually working when it warmed up mid week, but my luck eventually tapered off. I’ll still give some credit to this song though.

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