Campus Tracks 03/19/23

Campus Tracks 4-21

I’m getting to the point where this cold weather is annoying me and music is the only thing motivating me when walking to class. I can’t wait for it to warm back up so that I don’t have to speedwalk to my classes so that I can get out of the cold and enjoy my walks. With that being said here are the songs that got me to class this week.

Tanish (Pump That)- Rae Sremmurd

I highlighted this song say it was one of my favorites form new music Friday last week, but I didn’t really expect myself to continue listening to it throughout the week. It kind of hit me like an ear worm and I told myself I had to listen to it just one more time. But that wasn’t enough so welcome into the rotation Rae Sremmurd.

No Pole- Don Tolliver

I’m sure you are probably tired of hearing me blabber on about Don Tolliver in this segment. I thought the phase might be over and then I remembered this song from his deluxe version of his latest album Lovesick. It stood out to me on my first listen of the deluxe and then I forgot about it until earlier this week when I went back through the album to give it another chance. While I still didn’t really like the album I was reminded of this song and left it in the rotation from there.