Campus Tracks 03/03/23


Campus Tracks for the week- Don Tolliver, “Bus Stop” and Lonnie, “One Night Stand”

Coming out of an album that I felt was very low energy and didn’t stand out much to me, Bus Stop was the one song that stood out to me and has been in my rotation ever since. I love the beat and it immediately hits you with good vibes and energy. It makes me think of something you would play out of a jukebox at your local diner. I wasn’t around during that time but dare I say the 80s?

One Night Stand had me hooked before I even heard the chorus which has been what was stuck in my head for the past week. The Justin Bieber was not the cover I was expecting on this song but it fits really well with the theme of this song. I had never heard of Lonnie before this but now he has my attention and I’m looking to forward to what he can do building off of how much this song has blown up.

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