Britney Spears and Sam Asghari are Divorcing

TMZ reported last night that Britney Spears and Sam were headed toward splitsville, but the divorce petition was officially filed today by Sam Asghari.

They’ve seemed to be on the rocks for a while, with sources saying the two would have screaming matches that turned physical, and they’ve been see without their wedding rings multiple times. The final straw came because there were rumors of Britney cheating and Sam confronted her about them. A huge fight ensued and he moved out of the house about a week ago.

Now… Britney had a prenup to protect her assets but the divorce petition stated “irreconcilable differences” as to the reason and Sam is requesting spousal support and for Britney to pay his lawyer fees.

As a Britney fan, I’m immediately on her side of this divorce, but it sounds like it’s been pretty toxic for a while… and I’m not even INTENDING to pun there.

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