Man holds a remote control With the new Apple TV+ screen on TV.
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Apple TV + Possibly Adding an Ad Supported Tier?

There are SO SO SO many streaming services out there anymore, it feels almost impossible to subscribe to them all! And with prices of each rising each year, a lot of people have started to cut down on the number of services they subscribe to.

Adding the lower, ad-supported tier has ALWAYS been part of the pricing model of Hulu, but recently Netflix, Disney +, and HBO Max have added it as a more affordable option for those looking to cut costs.

Now add Apple TV + to the mix. They’ve reportedly been looking to sell ad inventory to add to the platform in 2023. Apple TV + remains the cheapest of the streaming services at just $4.99 a month but only has about 5% of the streaming market share.

The big question is what the cost will be. Will the ad-supported tier be the current 4.99 cost and the ad-free version will go up to a higher amount (this is what Disney + is doing. Their price is currently 7.99 a month, which will remain the price for the ad-tier when it launches soon, and the ad-free tier will jump to $11 a month)? Will the ad-tier end up free for users?

Do you watch Apple TV +? We have it but barely use it. It’s basically just for us to watch Ted Lasso over and over again!

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