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Is Zayn Engaged? A Song on His New Album Sparks Rumors!

Zayn Malik just dropped his third solo album post-One Direction, and fans are already trying to decode it! The fifth track on Nobody Is Listening called When Love’s Around has fans speculating that Zayn and Gigi Hadid are already secretly engaged, or even possibly married! I’ve cued this up to the lines causing speculation:

“But I need you in my life / Yeah, you could be my wife for real / Only takes a woman / To show you what it means to love.”

Okay. I see how this could be true. Zayn and Gigi have been dating since 2016, which is actually a long time for high-profile couples.  They just had a baby four months ago (there’s a lot of speculation about if the album hints to the baby’s name, too, but that’s another topic).

But here’s my thing. Is it true that artists DO talk about their personal life in songs? Of course it is. But not 100% of artists write 100% of songs about their own life. I find it so interesting that nobody assumes a fiction author is writing about their personal life, or a screenwriter is exclusively giving you visual into their personal world. But with songwriters, we assume they’re talking about someone or an experience in their own personal life.

SO… in my opinion, if they’re engaged, cool! If not, cool. Zayn wrote a song that is relatable to people. When that line comes over the speakers, someone listening will imagine someone in their life. And that is art! So Kudos to Zayn on his third album, and congratulations on the new parents, Zayn and Gigi, of a beautiful baby girl, whose name may or may not be hinted at on the album. One thing’s for certain, though, if they’re engaged or married, and the name of their baby will be information released when they are ready!

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