Y107’s U-Pick It Throwback Weekend/Week

If there’s one thing quarantining has taught us, it’s that we love our throwback songs! How many of you were listening to quite a few of them over these last couple weeks? And, if there’s something Y107 is known for, it’s Throwbacks!

This weekend, we’re doing something you’ve loved before: A Throwback Weekend. It all starts at 5p Friday, May 1st. However, we’ve upped the game.  Instead of Us picking the throwback tracks, we’re giving the power to YOU


But it gets even better. As the world is not “normal” yet, why not keep the U-Pick It Throwback Weekend going? So we’re extending it not just past Sunday night, but all the way through the following Sunday.  That gives you tons of time to get your throwback jam on the air!

How do you get your Throwback played?

Here’s where it gets fun. Anytime after 5p, go to and you’ll see the box on the right side of the page. Just type in the song you want. Pretty easy. We’ve got well over 650 songs to choose from, so search for whatever you can think of from roughly 1989-2012. 

You’ll also see what song is in line to be the next throwback played. At any point, you can vote your favorite songs up, and other songs down. 

(Full photo and video instructions are below.)

And it’s all YOU.  WE have no influence over it!

So be thinking what YOU want to hear, and start voting for your favorites! We can’t wait to hear your picks!


U-Pick Throwback in 3 easy steps!

Go to and look for the “Takeover” on the right side!


Type in the song you want by artist or title and click to vote it up!


Vote your song (and others) up or down. The most popular song will play when the next Throwback comes up in the playlist.


How does the U-Pick It Throwback deal work?

So, how do you get your song on the list, and someone else's off? Carson explains!

Posted by Y107 on Friday, May 1, 2020

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