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Y107’s Prize Hunter Is Back!

The search is on, as Y107’s Prize Hunter returns! We’ve hidden a bunch of prizes in a 10×10 grid (below).  All you have to do is find them.  Like in the game you loved as a kid, this will be incredibly easy for some, but a little tricky for others.

How the Hunt works:

Each weekday starting April 4th, you’ll get 3 chances a day to go on the search: around 7:40a, 10:40a, and 2:40p.

When you hear the call out to call IN, be the 7th caller to 441-Y107 (9107) or 800-500-Y107 (9107).

Caller 7 will pick a specific square on the grid below to see if there’s something hiding underneath. For example, you might say “E-7”, or “Y-3”. If you don’t find anything, play is over, and will resume with a new contestant at the next call-in time.  If you “hit” a prize, you’ll get another guess, and will continue until you fully uncover a prize, or uncover a blank square.

Prizes include a year membership to Disney+, an Echo Dot, concert tickets, even $500 CASH!  

Simple enough, right? The trick is, you want to listen EVERY time we play so you don’t miss where prizes might be located. Print off the game board below and follow along.




  1. Hey Michele. We will not be sending those out anymore.

  2. Michele Stumbaugh

    I’m a y107 VIP and I d8dnt get the prize hunter game update today. Could you please send the board?


    Michele Stumbaugh

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