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Y107’s Great Turkey Race 2020

We’ve done the unthinkable!  Y107 has secured 107 turkeys and are getting ready to race them, for YOUR benefit!

On Tuesday, November 24th, a truck will arrive at our Y107 studios with 107 turkeys.  When we say go, they will be unleashed for a live race around our studios. 107 Turkeys! Even more exciting, each one will be tagged and assigned to a listener.  Once the dust and feathers clear, whoever’s turkey crosses the finish line first will earn that listener $250!

It’ll be wild! It’ll be fun! It’ll be an unforgettable moment!

So how do you “claim your turkey”.

Be listening every hour through 5p today (11/12) for your chance to be the 7th caller and pick your turkey. Then Friday, and Mon-Friday of next week, listen every hour from 6a through 5p for more chances. Additionally, YVIPs will have an extra chance to be assigned a turkey. Become a YVIP for free today and keep watching your inbox.

If you’re wanting to witness the spectacle, join us for the running at 11a at our Columbia studios. Socially distanced/masked spectators will be allowed, following city guidelines. The race will also be broadcast LIVE on Facebook here.

CONGRATS TO TURKEY #78 / ANDREA K from Columbia on her $250 win!

**Each turkey will be assigned to only one listener. Listeners will only be allowed one turkey to be assigned to. Must be 18+ to be assigned a turkey.


  1. What number Turkey won?

  2. They were all called Monday night Keri.

  3. did you already pick yvip turkys?

  4. Oh gawsh we hope not! 🙂 They’re running at least, not flying.

  5. Okay… I see another WKRP in Cincinnati episode happening here. LOL !!!

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