Y107’s Fill the Foodbank CONTINUES!

Thank You for your super generous donations yesterday during Fill the Foodbank! You have helped out in big ways to keep Mid-Mo fed.  What you may not have known, was MIZZOU Alum Chase Daniel had partnered with the Food Bank to match their donations up to $25k, with hopes of raising about $50k.  As we were getting underway yesterday, we learned that total amount was already over $73k.  While we don’t have a final number for yesterday, we can only imagine how much the total climbed. So, THANK YOU!

But here’s the thing: the need remains and will not be going away anytime soon. And so, the giving continues. If you’d still like to donate and help Fill the Foodbank, click the link below to make your donation. Remember, all money donated stays local, and every amount helps!


Donate To The Food Bank


Why Donate During This Food Drive:

  • Every dollar you donate will stay local and help local families in need, including the elderly and children
  • The Food Bank can turn a $1 donation into $25 worth of groceries so they have better purchasing power than us on our own
  • They use 97% of donations on food acquisition and distribution. Only 3% goes toward administration and fundraising so your donations will be well spent



With the COVID-19 Pandemic impacting our area, there are now more people than ever in mid-Missouri who are needing the help of The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri. 

We understand that money is tight right now, but if you have a little bit to spare then we ask you to join on us on April 30th for Y107’s Fill The Food Bank. 

From 6a-6p, we’ll be asking for donations to help out local individuals who might not know where their next meal will come from. The need in mid-Missouri is great. So if you are able to donate, then it will allow The Food Bank to keep serving local people during this critical time. 

The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri works with 140 partner agencies across 32 counties in Missouri. Nearly all of them are continuing to feed people despite the challenges of today. If you need assistance with food, visit sharefoodbringhope.org/get-help to find your nearest resource.

Few facts about The Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri:

  • Serves more than 100,000 people a month through 140 Food Bank partner agencies (such as food pantries, soup kitchens or shelters)
  • Covers a 32 county service area; geographically, it covers one-third (18,000 square miles) of the state, including Columbia, Jefferson City, Kirksville and part of the Lake of the Ozarks region
  • Distributed over 30.1 million pounds of food in 2018, equaling a $50 million wholesale value
  • Partners with 150 schools to serve an average of 7,500 students each week through the Buddy Pack program and in-school food pantries
  • Distributes more than 2,800 senior boxes monthly to seniors living on a limited
  • Provides food and supplies to more than 350 veterans each month in seven counties through the VIP Veteran Pack Program
  • Owns and operates the Central Pantry, the largest food pantry in Boone County serving around 10,000 people monthly


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